Wild Bug Chase

Who: Rosette
Where: Corridors
When: use the snip for perspective.

"Dammit." Rosette cursed. Her laser blasts hit the bulkhead as a stray bug jumped clear. Having been part of the mind of the Hymenoptera before, she could partially understand what it was up to, and she didn't like it one bit.

She chased it around the corner, levelling her gun the moment she got a clear shot, burning through its rear carapace like a magnifying glass burns an ant. Just as she lowered her rifle, another bug slammed her into the wall. Her gun fell to the ground as she fought to stay concious enough to dodge its claws. A low hanging beam gave her the boost she needed to swing into its face, knocking it back, and landing right next to her rifle again.

Unfortunately, this was the point she realised that the wall she'd been slammed into was the lift controls, which had called one to her level. The bug took the opportunity to escape, and leapt past her, and in between the rapidly closing doors.

"smegger" she cursed under her breath, before getting into the other lift, ready to follow.

He took out his knife and rifle sling as he walked towards the creature. He bent down by it's side and began to cut away at one of it's arms joints, cleaving it from the body. He whittled away at the base of the severed razor sharp limb, and a few inches away from its point, making smooth, rounded, bone textured handles. He strapped the sling to each rounded part, and stood up to admire his work. A long, sharp, alien scimitar, capable of cutting through steel. He slung the makeshift sword over his back and drew his pistol, heading off towards the elevator.

As he approached, the second set of doors opened, and Rosette stepped out, a laser carbine in hand, pointing directly out of the lift. Once she realised the bug wasn't there, she lowered her gun to give her shoulder a chance to recover.

"Did you see a bug come this way?" she asked, then noticed the insectoid corpse, and the sword-like limb in his hand.

"Ahh. Fair enough, good work. umm... who are you?"

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