Will the Pancake flip? part 1 of 2

Who: Justin Pancake, John Bromin and Samantha Karen
Where: Blue Dwarf
When: After John Bromin ran away from the Hymenoptera
An injured John Bromin tripped and fell to the floor, clutching his bleeding
arm. Justin peered out from the supply pipes he had been hiding behind with
Samantha Karen and dragged him into an alcove.
The SpaceCorps soldiers ran right past.
"Let me see your wound" Asked Justin, and almost gagged when Bromin lunged the
bleeding wound into his face.
"Have you got any medical alcohol?" Justin asked the woman.
"Yes, here." She said, handing him a bottle. Justin downed the lot.
"I thought that was for my wound?" Bromin asked.
"Oh sorry." Justin said. "I needed a drink. You need to seal that wound up
though, it looks nasty. All I've got is this pocket welder."
John Bromin pulled his arm away. "No way man! I'll take my chances with the
Justin froze with excitement. "There's a Hymenoptera here?"
"Yes it tried to kill me."
"Cool!" He said. "Stay here, I'm going to go see if I can talk to it."
"What?!" Said John, pulling him back with his good arm. "Hymenoptera are
monsters! What are you doing?"
Justin took a deep breath. "Calm down. A time traveller told me a long time ago
that I'd be the first Captain of a Human/Hymenoptera warship. I've got to start
"But it'll rip you apart!" Shouted John, chasing after him and leaving Samantha
in hiding.
"Or..." Said Justin, "It'll bow down to me as its new leader!"
"You're crazy." Said John, and stopped walking. Then he cried out in pain and
fell to his knees, the bleeding was getting worse.
"Shut up you big baby." Said Justin and took out the pocket welder, running the
searing hot laser across John's arm to even more screams. "There, it's
cauterised now. You're not going to bleed to death, but you will have a manly
John staggered to his feet. "So do you seriously think we'll make an alliance
with the Hymenoptera?"
Justin thought for a moment. "An alliance no."
"Then what?"
"I think they'll conquer Humanity, but then realise we're useful."
John shook his head. "You're crazy. That will never happen. The Queen wants us
to exterminate them. The Captain is going to take us to their homeworld and wipe
them out once and for all."
Justin laughed. "Do you think it's that easy? The Hymenoptera are a more
powerful race. They are THE most powerful race in the galaxy! It's amazing
they've let us live this long."
John gulped. "So... which side are you on?"
They stopped at a doorway, and saw SpaceCorps marines up ahead. Justin had
always wanted to be in the marines, but he wasn't physically tough enough and
had an alcohol problem at the time he registered with the SpaceCorps.
"Those soldiers are the bad guys!" Bromin whispered.
Justin turned to him. "No way man, those soldiers are on the same side YOU are.
The only reason why they're attacking us is because our Captain has decided to
go on a revenge mission against the Hymenoptera. Can you see the SpaceCorps logo
on their uniform? It's the same one you've got on yours. We're on the same
To prove it, Justin walked forward into the room. "Hello fellas!" He said.
The last thing he was was the SpaceCorps logo on the butt of a rifle as it was
swung towards his face.
Justin lost consciousness.
While he was asleep, he had some weird dreams. At first he was on his bed, and
saw a spider crawl up his leg. Then he realised it wasn't a spider, it was a
full sized Hymenoptera towering above him. Then he watched as the large creature
morphed into a sexy female body, she was standing away from him and he could
only see the slender curves of her back. Her skin was peppered with green veins,
Hymenoptera blood pumping through her lovely body. He waited for the woman to
turn around, hoping it was Rosette or Amber, two girls he'd had crushes on
purely because they'd been turned into Hymenoptera. As she turned to him he
noticed that she had ten round spiders eyes bulging out from her face, and she
leaned in for a kiss.
Justin thought he should resist, but he didn't.
Then she was gone, and Justin was stood in a familiar room, a spotlight
illuminating a doorway. Before he looked at the doorway, he tried to see
everything else in the room, and realised this was William Eckerslike's holiday
home on New Tenerife – a place where he'd met the eccentric boss of the JMC
several years ago. He looked at the highlighted doorway, something he'd always
wished he'd worked out the significance of. A plaque on the door read "Corridor
of Infinite perversions". He sighed and looked around. "Potential? Potential you
dickhead, are you messing with my mind again?"
He pushed open the door which lead into a corridor. It was the real "Corridor of
Infinite perversions" on Starbase 69 where he'd been told to meet Porky Roebuck.
At the end of the corridors stood Potential.
"What are you doing here? Why am I here?" Justin shouted, and heard his voice
echo down the corridor.
"I've been watching you your entire life." Said the time traveller.
"Not just watching. Manipulating!" Said Justin. "I've seen that infinite
perversions sign everywhere!"
"I told you to come here and give something to Eckerslike's right-hand man."
Potential said.
"Yeah, and I did. When am I going to be Captain of a starship?" Justin demanded.
"You messed it up." Said Potential. "You didn't deliver the package in time."
"What?! So that's it? My entire future is ruined?"
Potential paused for a very long moment. Then shook his head. "There is a way
you can still become Captain of a Hymenoptera warship..."
"What is it? Don't keep me in suspense!"
Potential lowered his bushy eyebrows. "Stop Captain Chrysler from destroying the
Justin felt a chill go down his spine. He'd done a lot of stupid things, but
this one made him feel uncomfortable.
He nodded. "Okay."

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