Will the Pancake flip? part 2 of 2

Potential lowered his bushy eyebrows. "Stop Captain Chrysler from destroying the
Justin felt a chill go down his spine. He'd done a lot of stupid things, but
this one made him feel uncomfortable.
He nodded. "Okay."
<end snip>
Who: Justin and John Bromin
Where: Armoury, Nivelo #388, Blue Dwarf
When: A few minutes later
Justin woke up from his dream with a solder staring over him.
"Welcome back. My name is Sgt Trayal, call me Burt." Said the soldier.
"Oh hi." Said Justin. To his left, John Bromin was tied to a chair. "Look I just
want you to know that I'm on your side..."
"Don't worry sir." Said the Soldier. "We know you're a friend of Mr Eckerslike
from the JMC, in fact he's recorded this video message for you."
Sgt Trayal wheeled a video in front of him and set it playing, then left the
On the TV, the face of the JMC's boss appeared. "Hello Justin, remember me?"
Asked Eckerslike. "I'm afraid to say your Captain's self-declared war with the
Hymenoptera is causing us a lot of trouble."
Justin nodded, and looked over at John who didn't look convinced.
"We can't let Chrysler destroy the Hymenoptera homeworld." He said. "We've done
a lot of testing and we think that the future of Humanity involves the
Hymenoptera. A war at this stage would put a strain on our relationship with
them. You have to stop the Blue Dwarf from going on this mission. Take a gun and
join the marines. Try to convince the rebel Captain Chrysler to reconsider
without having to kill him."
The video ended.
Sgt Trayal came in, gave Justin a gun, and untied Bromin.
Justin immediately put the gun to his head "So John, which side are you on?" He
asked. "The SpaceCorps, or the rebel Jay Chrysler?"
<Tag John, which will it be? Either come with us to the drive room to arrest
Chrysler, or try and escape >

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