Seymour - "Seeing the Queen again"

Who: Seymour and Cass/Queen Brittany
When: During her press conference
Where: Blue Dwarf
...the doors burst open revealing a dishevelled Seymour in an ever so slightly
too short women's dressing gown, grappling with a couple of security guards who
were trying hard not to pull the already gaping garment open any further while
at the same time trying to restrain him
"My Queen!" he bellowed plaintively as assembled ranks of the galaxy's film
crews turned their cameras on him
<end snip>
Seymour rushed up to the podium, carefully holding down the dressing gown so
that it didn't fly open and he end up exposing himself to royalty AND the entire
galaxy's news networks.
He knelt down before her, again holding down his robe around his crotch.
"Highness, I thought you were dead. If I knew you were alive and well, I
wouldn't have grown this stupid beard, and I wouldn't have sold my Eniram
Sauvignon '58 which we should have used to celebrate this very special
Cass bit her lip, not quite sure what to say immediately. Luckily she didn't
have to because Seymour stood up and continued talking.
"I'm ready to retake my role as your Ambassador ma'am." He said. "As such, I've
planned for you to perform state visits one these planets." He brought out a
scrap of paper with planets written down. "I also believe it might be a good
idea to revisit Mollopod, it's been enough time for their anger at us to
diminish. Also I want to review your speech earlier, fantastic broadcast but I
do believe you omitted the royal 'one' from you grammar, I'm sure this is a
mistake because you thought I was unavailable to review your speech, but I'm
here now ma'am and at your service now and forever."
When he stopped talking the silence was quieter than ever. Then after a few
seconds he stood up and gave her a big hug. "Apologies ma'am, but I'm just so
glad to see you!" he said, pushing his face into her ample cleavage.
Then he pulled away with a curious look on his face. For a moment Cass wondered
if he'd realised she wasn't his Queen after all.
"You smell different." He said.
"It's a new perfume." Cass said quickly. This restored the grin back on
Seymour's bearded face. "Of course it is, very nice ma'am!"
He turned to see the holographic representatives of the galaxy's best
newspapers. "Oh. Sorry." He said.
She pulled him off the stage. "Seymour, they don't believe I'm the real
Brittany. They want me to do tests..."
"Well we do tests!" Seymour said. "We do all the DNA tests they want, and prove
you're you, and you're back. I can't tell you how exciting this is!" He started
to skip away.
"Where are you going?"
"To get Dr Keto, I think we should push on with these DNA tests straight away!"
<Tag Andy, what does Cass do? Does she come clean to Seymour about who she
really is? Or string him along and avoid these tests?>

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