Hail to the Chief

Where: N deck, near one of the aft elevators.
Who: Davie,
and chief of security Rosette.
When: After Davie
cut up the Hymenoptera scout.
            As Davie looked up at the
elevator, the lift next to it let out a soft ping. Davies pistol was instantly
leveled with the doors. As the lift doors began to open he saw who was inside
and quickly lowered his gun. It was chief of security Rosette LaChance, he
recognized her from when he first came aboard Blue Dwarf. When he arrived on
board the ship he studied the command crew's public files, and committed their
names to memory.
As he approached, the second set of doors opened, and
Rosette stepped out, a laser carbine in hand, pointing directly out of the
lift.  Once she realized the bug wasn't there, she lowered her gun to give
her shoulder a chance to recover.
"Did you see a bug come this way?" she asked, then noticed the
insectoid corpse, and the sword-like limb in his hand.
"Ahh.  Fair enough, good work.  umm... who are you?"
<End Snip>
            "Ahh. Fair
enough, good work. Umm… who are you?" said chief of security Rosette, looking
at first Davies makeshift sword, and then at his face. She studied the lattice
of scars that stretched across his left cheek. A long scar ran across his
cheekbone and stopped a few centimeters short of his nose, while another ran
across his jaw bone that stopped in the middle of his chin. Two small scars
circled his left eye, stopping just shot of the bridge of his nose, while a
grey film covered his eye. She then looked at his uniform, quickly searching
for rank or insignia markings.
 "I'm Davie Jones; I suppose you would say I'm
a civilian on Blue Dwarf. No such thing today though." said Davie, starring back. "Call me whatever you
like; just don't call me `D.J.'"
"Okay…" said Rosette, puzzled.
"Where you headed?" Rosette asked curiously. Davie held up and hand and said "Listen. You
hear that?"
Rosette listened for a moment, and
then heard the soft sound of groaning metal. "That's the docking tubes," said Davie, "the strain of the
wormhole is too much for them. I'm off to destroy a few more of them, and maybe
we shake off this warship."
Davie began walk towards the elevator when
Rosette said something. "Your bleeding she said, pointing to his back. Davie craned his head
around to see his back, a large, dark patch of blood spreading across his black
uniform, slowly streaming from the large slices on his back. He had been
unaware of them, and in fact hadn't even realized he had been cut.
He reached into a pouch at his side
and pulled out a small white tube. "Pour this on the wound for me, would ya'?"
he said, handing the tube to Rosette. "What is it?" she asked, taking the tube
from his hand. "Quick clot," said Davie
"stops the flow of blood."
She poured the solution into his
wound, he grunted loudly as the quick clot ran into the deep lacerations on his
back. "Thanks," he said, turning towards Rosette, "I'm heading for the docking
tubes, wanna tag along?"
Rosette just looked at him a
moment, then spoke.
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