Hail to the Chief - continued

<snip>She poured the solution into his
wound, he grunted loudly as the quick clot ran into the deep lacerations on his
back. "Thanks," he said, turning towards Rosette, "I'm heading for the docking
tubes, wanna tag along?"
Rosette just looked at him a
moment, then spoke.</snip>
"Let me get one thing straight.  You can endanger your own life if you want, but when you're near me, you take orders, and don't give them." She said, taking her role as security chief seriously.  "If I were you, i'd head to the medi-bay for that, and leave the ships security to those trained for it.  I want to know everything that goes on.  If I don't authorise it, I don't pay for it." She said, remembering back to the week long training sessions she was forced to go along with before she was able to be officially named Secutity Chief.
"Whatever." Davie said, and continued on his way.
"Come on, Rufus.  We've got to get to the drive room.  I'll deal with him later." she said, getting him out of the lift, and back on their course to the control centre of the ship.  Jay would be the one the Space Corps would be mostly targetting, and thus she figured the best place would be there.
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