Cassandra: Funeral clues

Who: Cassandra(v2), Efof and many others
Where: At the funeral
When: A few days after the explosions
Cassandra impatiently checked her terminals chronometer before sliding the
handheld discreetly back inside the breast pocket of her suit.
While she was fully cognisant of the reasoning behind the need for her to attend
this funeral as part of 'Brittany's' cortege, she simply didn't want to be here;
partly on account her not even knowing the deceased, but mostly out of
belligerent indignation at the lack of any official acknowledgement of the
hundreds of dead from the recently destroyed red light zone - her friends,
confidantes, and even an occasional lover or two, all dead and gone
Well... she reflected, she supposed they were her dead friends; it was
'Brittany' in her former guise as Cassandra had been the one who had got to know
them, since she herself was technically only a month or so old and had never
even met these people whose loss she felt so keenly
Strange, she mused, to be so tarnished and yet at the same time so clean a slate
Scowling, she gazed out across the mourners, Efof's strange behaviour eventually
catching her attention
He looked at the piece of paper. On it were some numbers.
"What? I don't get it? These are meaningless numbers!" He held it up to the
light, to see if there was anything special about the paper. Just then he felt a
note being pushed into another of his hands. "Wait!" When he turned around there
was nobody there.
"It's a code". Was written on the second note.
"Oh." Said Efof, then looked again at the numbers. "I still don't get it. It
looks complicated, I can't be bothered."
Just then another note was put into his hand from an unseen person. "It's really
easy." it said.
Efof sighed. "It's still too hard for me. I'd better find someone who can read
this code."
The code written on the paper was:
18 16-13-12-4 4-19-22-9-22 7-19-22 19-2-14-18-22 25-26-8-22 18-8. 14-22-22-7
18-13 11-26-9-9-12-7-7-8 26-7 13-18-13-22
Cassandra watched Efof turn the piece of paper over and over in his hands, an
expression of confusion gradually gaining dominance over his more usual slack
jawed countenance of amazement before, when she could finally bear it no longer,
she stepped smartly over towards him
"For smeg's sake, give me that" she hissed, plucking the piece of paper out from
his grasp
Cassandra stared at it for a few seconds before thrusting it back into one of
his hands
"Childishly simple" she whispered
"Oh, what's that?" asked Efof
"The smegging code"
"Ah" Efof smiled beatifically "...what code?"
"The code on the piece of paper, you blue imbecile! It says: 'I know where the
Hymie base is. Meet in Parrotts at nine'"
Cassandra glanced sideways at Efof
"I suggest you do..."
"Ok" he smiled "Sounds like a good idea. Do you want to come too?"
Cassandra scowled
"No. Whoever it is that you're meant to meet might get spooked if someone else
turns up" she whispered "Rest assured though, I will be watching..."
"Sshh" someone hissed nearby
"We should be quiet. Pay attention to weirdo in the frock waving the incense
"...Any chance of an orgy then?" Efof asked hopefully
Cassandra just shook her head

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