Who: Blue Dwarf Crew
Where: Hymie Home Plannet-Ish
When: Sniptacular

---- Snip ----
Fortunately, he didn't need to, as his radio crackled into life, it was the captain of the Space Corp ship. "Sargeant Marshall, this is Captain Wells. stand down."


"I said stand down. Chrysler is right."

"But sir, our orders?"

"To hell with our orders Sargeant, my wife and kids were on New Ibiza when the Hymenoptera attacked. Captain Chrysler what's the plan?"
---- End Snip ----

Amber sat and watched the commotion from the navigation controls. It was hard to see her God-Father like this, so worked up over something, the stress of the Captaincy obviously getting to him, on the other hand, she was quite relived that it was Jay who was stood up there with several hesitant Marines waving guns about. She was glad it was Jay who had disobeyed orders and not her.

Quite frankly, she was glad she wasn't Captain at all.

However, she knew from where the vengeance for the Hymenopterra came with Jay, they had taken everything away from him at one point or another, even his sense of self when they inducted Jay into the Hive mind. Amber felt the same way, when they had twisted her in her drug induced state into working for them as well. They were evil and must be stopped.

"We bomb the smeg out of them." Amber growled, sudden strength coming over her when she thought of their recent capture of her and Rosette. Their blatant disregard for humanity as something only to be used, squashed and abused like a strategy gamer uses Zerglings. "The Starbugs and Midgets can do it, drop some heavy stuff down on the planet whilst the Space Eagles and everyone else fight off the counter attack. It'll be easy." She grinned.

There was a ripple of excitement around the room as they considered for the first time being free of the Bugs.

"Urm..." It was Rufus, in the corner. "D...D...Don't forget that the H...Hymenopterra aren't like conventional e... Enemies. They will take a lot more than just f... Fire power to take down." He paused, turning a bright shade of crimson and tried to shrink into the console behind him

"Damnit Rufus why'd you have to spoil the mood." Amber said, clipping her bother over the back of the head.

"S... Sorry." He said, going quiet.

"It's OK." Jay said, the determined edge still in his voice. "We've recently been restocked and refurbished, that included Parrotts. Rufus, I need you to go down to the Science decks and bring anything you think might help to the armoury. G.U.N.K grenades if there are any, the lot. Somebody get a message to Keto. I want all of his medicinal alcohol. ALL OF IT. I know what that stingy son of a Goit is like."

"I'll get my men equipped with the Alcohol bullets in case we get boarded. There have been sights of Hymenopterra around from he attack at Deep Space 69." Rosette piped up.

"Anything else Sir? What about the Space Corps lot?" Amber asked Jay.

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OOC - Hope I didn't step into anything there Andy, tired to keep it short and simple.

OOC2- Don't forget people that the Hymies are weak versus alcohol, takes a lot to bring one down otherwise.

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