*ACTION* Stir the hive

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"I'll get my men equipped with the Alcohol bullets in case we get boarded. There have been sights of Hymenoptera around from he attack at Deep Space 69." Rosette piped up.

"Anything else Sir? What about the Space Corps lot?" Amber asked Jay.

"I agree with everything you both said" Jay said "But we need to do more than just a bombing run. Most of the hive is underground, we need to take them out from the inside"

"How do you suggest we do that?" Rosette asked.

"We'll need help from the Space Corp ship" Jay said, as he walked over to the nav console and brought up a holographic image of the Hymenoptera homeworld, taken when they last visited."

Amber and Rosette gathered round, while Jay started pointed at the image. "Remember our last visit Amber?" Jay said "We were taken into the hive, when they requested our help fighting the Anti-noptera. We were taken in via a tunnel entrance, here"

Amber nodded. "It's safe to say that's been sealed since."

"Right, but, they must have ways of getting in and out. After all, this is where she is."

Rosette and Amber, having both been linked to the hive, just like Jay knew what he meant.

In the centre of the Hymenoptera hive, right in the core of the planet was the Queen. A giant, hideous creature who was the sole reproductive member of the species. Her entire life was spent laying eggs, which would hatch and grow into the monsters that had attacked the human race countless times.

Not only that, but she was the hive. She was very core of the network, the hub through which the hive mind operated. If they could cut her off, they'd cripple the entire race.

"So" said Rosette."How do we get to her?"

"Amber, I want you to coordinate surface bombing runs, to take out any surface resistance you find, as well as lead the defence against counter attack"

"Rosette, I want every security team member you can spare, the Marines, and anyone else from the Dwarf and the other ships that can handle a gun. I'm leading a mission to the surface. Amber, I'll need no less than 10 shuttles for this, including the Raven, I'll lead them in the Phoenix"

Jay then turned to Rosette, "You and I, along with as many people as you can spare are heading to the surface, we'll be in different shuttles, if something happens to either of us, the other can still command the mission"

"And what are we going to do there?"

"Land at different points on the planet, find a way into the hive, and get to the Queen. At least one team should get through, they can't defend everywhere, especially with Amber keeping them busy in the sky.."

Both women nodded in acknowledgement.

"Oh, and we're not just going to destroy the Queen, there's probably already a bug ready to fill her shoes we're going try to destroy the entire goddamn planet. It's the only way to make sure we stop them altogether"

"How do you propose we do that Jay?" Amber asked, concerned for her god fathers sanity.

"There's a space corp ship out there, with an entire arsenal of thermo-nuclear warheads. It's simple, each team takes one with them, on anti grav platforms, and gets it as close to the centre of the hive as they can, then, once everyone's off the surface ...we detonate them by remote link from up here"

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