A Sigh of Relief

When: Just after Davies' conversation with Rosette.
Who: Davie
Jones and others
Where: M Deck, aft
"…leave the ships
security to those trained for it.  I want to know everything that goes
on.  If I don't authorize it, I don't pay for it." She said,
remembering back to the week long training sessions she was forced to go along
with before she was able to be officially named Security Chief.
"Whatever." Davie said, and continued
on his way.
<End Snip>
lift doors opened as the elevator arrived on M Deck, and Davie stepped out slowly, gun raised. The
lacerations on his back stung horribly, and even though the bleeding stopped,
he still needed medical attention, as Rosette suggested. But, he still had a
job to do, and he wouldn't stop until the SC Marines had been stopped.
crept slowly, silently, down the dimly lit corridor in front of the elevator.
Half way down the corridor, he heard a loud crackling noise, steadily growing
louder as he continued towards the bend at the end of the corridor.
Another noise.
He hugged the wall to his left,
half crouching as he edged himself closer to the corner. The crackling was loud
now. He peered cautiously around the corner. Davie analyzed the corridor in front of him carefully;
there was no one in the corridor, but
as he looked he saw an open door just around the corner. The crackling and
voices were coming form inside. Davie
figured they were Marines, and decided just to listen for now. There were two
of them talking when a third voice cut in, "Shut up you two! I can't here the
Davie listened intently, hoping to learn some
valuable information. Suddenly he heard another voice over the radio; "Sergeant
Marshall, this is Captain Wells…stand down." said the voice over the radio.
"Sir?" asked a second voice. "I said stand down. Chrysler is right."
"But…sir, our orders?"
"To hell with our orders Sergeant,
my wife and kids were on New Ibiza when the Hymenoptera attacked…Captain
Chrysler…what's the plan?"
Davie breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing
the Marine ship's captain giving the order to stand down. Although they may not
be fighting now, Davie
felt it wise to steer clear of any Space Corp. Marines still straddling the
ship after what he had done to their comrades in the docking tube. He also new
that he should avoid the captain for a while, he wouldn't happy with him for
disobeying orders. Davie
thought it best to lay low for a while, and started backing slowly down the
corridor, towards the open elevator at the other end.
He stepped inside, and pressed the
floor button for the medibay.
<Tag whoever is in the medibay.> 

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