Cassandra: Media manipulation

Who: Cassandra (v1.0), Seymour
Where: Briefing room
When: Before the marines turned up
She pulled him off the stage. "Seymour, they don't believe I'm the real
Brittany. They want me to do tests..."
"Well we do tests!" Seymour said. "We do all the DNA tests they want, and prove
you're you, and you're back. I can't tell you how exciting this is!" He started
to skip away.
"Where are you going?"
"To get Dr Keto, I think we should push on with these DNA tests straight away!"
"Right..." Cass smiled "I'm more than happy to, but shouldn't we wait for the
official government test team to get here instead?"
"Well..." Seymour started lamely - he hadn't known about any test teams that
were en route "Keto's on board here, and..."
"Oh, yes... I think I see what you're getting at!" Cass interrupted "You think
there's the possibility of the test team having a hidden agenda, so to speak,
and that Keto would offer the best chance of a completely unbiased opinion?"
"I..." Seymour foundered "I.. Yes. That's exactly right! Why, it's common
knowledge that Keto's misanthropy is completely unprejudiced - he treats
everyone with exactly the same contempt!"
"Well... In that case, I suppose I'm compelled to agree with your assessment
Seymour. Be a darling and arrange whatever tests you deem appropriate with the
good Doctor"
"Oh, yes my Queen!" Seymour bowed deeply "It'll be an honour!"
Cass watched him skip away, the ghost of a smile playing across her lips
"Smeg's sake" she sighed "Skipping...?"
Turning, she climbed onto the podium and made her way back towards the lectern
feeling quietly elated
All things considered, that unplanned little exchange had gone extremely well;
she had aired suspicions of Prime Minister Liar's plot against her in front of
the galactic media, and without directly accusing anyone of anything, she had
put herself in a far stronger position as a result
Of course there were the tests to undergo, but having re-engineered her body
from the sub molecular level upwards to exactly match Brittany's stolen DNA,
gene testing held no fear for her in the slightest - she hadn't, after all,
nearly died nine times for merely skin deep modifications!
Taking her position back behind the lectern again, Cass smiled out at the
assembled members of the media before her
"Ladies and gentlemen" she began "I do apologise for the interruption. Mr
Nipples has had a pretty rough time recently, so I do hope you'll respect his
privacy during his recuperation?"
"Now" she continued brightly "Where were we?"
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