Cmr Niples "Code 347"

Commander Seymore Niples
Captains office
Drive room
1735 hours
Seymore knocked on the door to the captains office, he knew this would be a difficult reunion as the Captain and he had a few troubles in their past. But the Commander was prepared to be a good first officer- and hopefully it wouldn't be long before he got transferred off of this pile of junk.
When the door opened he walked in proudly.
It was dark inside but Seymore could just see the figure of the captain bobbing up and down in an unusual fashion.
"Come on baby, come on!" shouted the captain.
Seymore shocked by what he was seeing, he felt a little embarrased as he said "Captain?"
The captain spun quickley. "Ah, Commander Seymore. How are you, it's good to see you." he said, a little nervously.
His first officer stared at him curiously. "erm....Fine thank you sir."
An awkward silence followed,
"It's a little dark in here isn't it sir?" inquired Niples, trying to make the difficult moment more bearable.
"Yes, well I couldn't find the light switch." answered the captain.
Seymore considered this a moment, then frowned. "That's because there are no light switches sir."
He demonstrated how to use the voice-activated light switches.
Suddenly there was a bang and a small rodent was launched from behind the captain rocketing straight towards the Commander at light speed. The unflappable Niples instinctively held out a hand and caught the supersonic mouse. He then held it out to his commanding officer. "I presume this is yours."
"Nice catch." complemented Captain Cannon.
"I'll be in my office." said Niples, turning on his heel and walking out of the door.
Seymore walked into his office and sat down at his desk. he sighed and put his head in his arms. "How am I going to survive this?" he asked himself. "I've got a madman as a Captain, how can I work under these conditions? If I screw this up I'll never get a post on a battleship. He looked at a poster on his wall, it showed a photograph of the UMS Vigilant- the flagship of Earth's military. Seymore desperately wanted to be stationed on her, he wanted the power of a military ship- not this old bucket of bolts.
As he escaped into a world of fantasy the lights dimmed. "What the..?" said Seymore.
The face of Holly came onto the screen in his office, and on all the other screens on the ship.
"Emergency, emergency!" the disembodied head announced. "We have a code 347 in progress, Emergency! please abandon ship, women and children first!"
Seymore was puzzled for a second. Throughout the ship people ran screeming down the corridors.
"Code 347?" inquired Seymore. "Alien invasion of decks 5 through 9. Are you sure Holly?"
Holly gave him a wide-eyed expression. "Erm..... No, I mean we have a power failure in section 32."
"Oh," smiled Seymore. "That's code 237 section two, paragraph four."
"Sorry- My mistake!" said Holly over the audio speakers throughout the ship.
"No cause for alarm."
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