Funeral for a Friend

Who: Amber, the Crew,
Where: The Promenade
When: During the wake

Amber was in her number ones, her best dress uniform. She wore dark aviator sunglasses as well, it was not hard to guess why, a few of the other pilots and navigation staff were doing the same, those who weren't carried tissues. The wake was nice, there were toasties and Jay's favourite curry house had donated a buffet meal to the affair.

Amber sat with some poppadom's and a few onion baajis. She scowled at Efof, how he had the nerve to come along when he let Jay die. Just left him there, on his own. The several empty pint glasses in front of her indicated that this was going to be a funeral to forget. She walked over to the Ffionian.

"How could you just leave him there?" Amber said, her speech steady, but her posture wavering.

"He told me to." The naive creature replied, shrugging all four shoulders, not sure what Amber expected him to say.

"Why though, why didn't you make sure to bring him back. You know he liked to play hero, it was a stupid. One of the other teams would have succeeded in getting a bomb down there! Look at Rosette, she managed it and no one on her team was so vaporised that there was nothing left!"

She was beginning to cause a scene, several of the people nearby had started to turn and stare at her. Efof's bottom lip quivered.

"It's not my fault...." He said, not knowing what to do. This wasn't like Ffionian funerals. Rufus came over.

"It's a... Alright Efof, I g...Got this one. Go have a d...Drink or something." He said, putting a had around amber shoulders and guiding her out of the room and the staring people.


They walked in silence for a while, Amber brooding and Rufus waiting patiently for the inevitable explosion that would happen. They were nearing Amber's quarters when it happened.

"He was all we had left. He was the only family we had..." She said, more tears flowing down her face, hidden in part by the sunglasses.

"I know, but at least we still have each other right?" He hugged his sister and trying for once to be brave.

<Just a short one but something I felt Amber would say. How does Efof feel at getting blamed for it?>

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