****ACTION**** Fifi Castillo

Who: Some people around a table in a board room

Where: JMC headquarters, Grimsby, Earth

When: The day after Jay's funeral

“The death of Mr Eckerslike was a great loss to us all!” Said the speaker. “He had a great vision for this company, and through the pursuit of Hymenoptera technology managed to bring this company out of recession. He was a great man and we will continue his work.”

“What about the extinction of all Hymenoptera?” said another. “How can our work continue without them?”

“We have everything we need.” Said the first man. “The Hymenoptera were weak because their minds were all connected. Our new supersoldiers that we are developing with TransMed won't have that limitation.”

There were some claps in the room.

“But what about the Blue Dwarf?” Said a third man. “They're troublemakers, they disobeyed our orders once, they'll not go along with anything we say any more.”

“They will.” Said the speaker. “We're sending them a new Captain. He'll force them to do whatever we say.”


Who: Amber, Seymour

Where: Drive Room

When: The day after Jay's funeral

Seymour walked into the Drive room and saw Amber hovering around outside of the Captain's office.

“Afraid to go in?” Seymour asked her.

“It's just that it's HIS office. I don't want to touch anything.”

Seymour wanted to say something comforting to reassure her it's all okay, but all he could think to say was “You really should tidy it up in there. Jay left it in a real mess! When I was Captain I kept it tidy-”

Amber scowled at him and made him stop talking. “Why are you here Seymour?”

“Oh yes. Well I was just chatting with an Ambassador friend of mine and he's informed me that the JMC are sending us a replacement Captain.”

“What?!” Amber shouted.

Seymour nodded. “He'll be here really soon. What are you going to do?”

“What do you mean?” Amber asked.

“The JMC are corrupt. Their leader was a Hymenoptera, they shared technology with the Hymenoptera, they were creating Hymenoptera crossbreed super soldiers, and they were creating JMC ships with Hymenoptera technology. Are you really going to let them put a corrupt Captain on-board the Blue Dwarf?” Amber was silent for a few moments, still stood outside the doors to Jay's office. She thought about what he would say in a situation like this and it made her smile.

"He wouldn't want me to." She said, "We gave the last smegger they sent here hell, lets give this new Captain what for as well."

"Now I'm all for a rebellion Amber, but look where it got Mr Chrysler... Could we not do a leafleting campaign or a petition or something?" Seymour asked, wringing his hands.

"We'll see, they might be worth something for all we know." She replied, stepping forwards and opening the door.

What she didn't expect was what she saw.

All of Jay's stuff, dirt, trash and all had already been boxed up by the Scutters and Peewees and in it's place was someone else's stuff. There were flowers on the desk, and on a side table. In place of the mini-fridge in the corner was a decorative nudist sculpture of a beautiful naked lady.

The strangest thing though, was that there was someone already behind the desk.

"Bonjour Monsieur, Mademoiselle. I am Fifi Castillo. That is, Captain Castillo. I will be your new... Leader." She said, her voice dripping with honey. She was a six foot tall, blond bombshell, blue eyes and a figure to die for, it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine that the sculpture in the corner was actually her. Amber immediately bristled at the new woman.

"Captain." Amber saluted, Seymour stared, a little slack jawed at her beauty.

"Would you be a darling and get rid of 'dese." She gestured to the boxes. "Remnants." Seymour jumped at the chance to impress the new Captain, Amber just folded her arms and raised an eyebrow.

"You are kidding right? That's not my job." Amber asked, questioning why this woman was making the Chief of Navigation lug boxes around.

"You are one of the traitors non? Who followed that idiot Chrysler? You do not do as I ask and you will be lucky if you can get a job carrying boxes. This is a JMC ship now Mademoiselle, you do as I say, when I say." She hissed at Amber leaning in close she added "As will anyone else who disobeys me."


OOC - The charming and seductive Fifi is on board, what do you all do when you meet her?

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