Seymour "Planning the Coronation"

Who: Seymour and Queen Brittany
Where: Observation deck
When: An hour after the last post
Queen Brittany held up a picture of a planet and looked expectantly at Seymour. "What do you think?"
"The planet of New Buckinghamshire?" He said. "Really?"
"Yes it's lovely at this time of year! It's the ideal place for a Coronation."
"Well yes I suppose." Seymour said, looking down at his feet.
"Oh come on, act more enthusiastic!" She said to him. "I thought you love Coronations."
"I do..." Seymour said.
"Oh, are you still upset about the Captain? Ignore her, she's a smeghead!" Said Brittany.
Seymour looked at the picture again. "Actually... I saw her today with a picture of this very same planet."
"Really?" Said Brittany. "Maybe she's planning a holiday here!"
"I jolly well doubt it. She said it's classified." Seymour said.
"Maybe it was a different planet. They all look the same." Said Brittany. "So shall we go for a trip? It's only half a day from here. We've got 5 days before the coronation, we could go and setup."
Seymour nodded and they headed down to the flight deck.
Who: Seymour, Brittany and Kaleb Lewis
Where: Flight deck
When: Not long after
Seymour and Brittany entered the Flight deck, and Seymour looked to one side to see the large cargo container that had been delivered. He walked as close as he could before the security guards told him to stand back.
"I wonder what's in there." He said, but Brittany wasn't interested.
"Come and look at this!" She said, pulling him to look at a Starbug, painted in the colours of the union flag. Flight technician Kaleb Lewis was just finishing spraying the final colour.
"Oh dear lord, it looks hideous!" Said Seymour.
"But I thought you'd be pleased!" Said Brittany, you love the British flag!"
"I do, but not daubed all over a Starbug all willy nilly!" Seymour said, "It looks like Austen Powers' boxershorts!"
They both climbed aboard and flew the Starbug towards the planet of New Buckinghamshire to plan Brittany's coronation.
OOC - Tag Brittany/Cassandra/Andy! Feel free to continue with Brittany's coronation on the planet when you want.

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