"Seymour meets Fifi"

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Who: Ambassador Seymour Niples and Captain Fifi Castillo
Where: Conference room, Blue Dwarf
When: After the crate arrived
Seymour made sure the knives and forks arranged on the table were lined up with a set square, making sure they were at a perfect 90 degrees angle to the edge of the table.
"Perfect!" He said to himself and turned to the door just in time to see the new Captain walk in.
"Ah you must be Fifi Castillo!" He said with a big forced smile on his face. "It's just a pleasure to meet you finally."
"Zat is Captain Castillo to you!" She scolded, and looked around the room with a furrowed brow.
"Why of course." Said Seymour. "I used to be Captain my-"
"What are you doing here in zis room?" She asked.
"Oh this?" Seymour said. "Well I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to the senior staff. I sent you an invitation yesterday, I assumed you were just too busy to rsvp."
"Non." Said the Captain. "Absolutely no way! I am going to socialise wiz ze civillians onboard ziz ship."
"Nonsense!" Said Seymour. "It's tradition for all Captains to meet their senior staff. An efficient ship has an efficient team. An efficient team have to get to know each other!" Seymour said, trying hard to show his respect to the new Captain. Although her face was looking very sour.
"Ah am too buzy." She said. "And who gave you permission to uze zis room?"
"Oh... I....uh..." Seymour struggled for an answer. "I just assumed..."
"Well don't. Ask my permission next time." She said.
As she turned to leave Seymour tried to make polite conversation, hoping that his first meeting with the new Captain wouldn't end so badly. "Is that... the planet we're going to for our next mission?" He said, pointing to the pad she was holding in her hand. "I heard there's a crate in the hangar bay, are we delivering it there perhaps?"
"Zat is none of you business." She said. "Zis is a classified mission."
"Oh. Of course." Said Seymour. As she left, he dropped his shoulders and then rubbed his face. "Fiddlesticks!" He said.
A few moments later a waiter came in with a tray of prawn cocktails in shining crystal glasses. "Take them back garçon, the meeting's cancelled." He sighed.
"Oui Monsieur!" Said the waiter.

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