Efof - "Activating the box"

OOC – Sorry this is so short and a bit crappy, I've had to write it in a hurry!
Who: Efof and Rosette
Where: Flight deck
When: During the coronation
Efof whistled as he strolled over to the Space Eagle. He'd spent the last hour repairing one of the Space Eagles and cleaning off the dried Hymenoptera blood. He noticed Rosette guarding a large box.
"Hey, what's that?" He asked.
"Nobody knows" Came Rosette's answer, she was clearly bored of guarding it for so long. "The new Captain had it delivered, but we're not sure."
Efof pursed his lips. "Oh a mystery?!" He walked around the box, looking for any ways in. "Oh look, there's a control panel here, what happens if I press-"
Rosette tried to pull him away. "I've been ordered to stop anyone from touching it."
The control panel glowed.
"Ah... um... sorry. I just did!" Said Efof.
Rosette cringed. "I don't want to get into trouble with the new Captain, I heard she's a dragon!"
"Really?" Said Efof. "Does she breathe fire?"
"Not a real one dummy!"
The box started to make noises and vibrate. Something mechanical moved inside. Efof clung onto Rosette's arm. "It could be a real dragon!"
"Stop thinking about dragons, there's no such thing. Besides, it sounds robotic." Said Rosette and started pressing buttons on the panel to make it stop. But it didn't. The box sounded like it was going to explode.
"WHAT IZ GOING IN 'ERE?" Came a loud angry voice from across the flight deck. Captain Castillo marched across the deck towards them, her face like thunder. "I told you to not let anyone touch it!" She shouted at Rosette.
Efof bit his lip and backed off.
"I...urr... I promised Queen Brittany that I'd join her party after the Coronation. I used to date her you know!"
he ran into the Space Eagle and started the engines almost immediately, spinning the craft towards the bay doors and taking flight towards New Buckinghamshire as soon as he could.
Captain Castillo keyed in a code that made the box stop shaking and the noise gradually calmed down. Whatever was inside was deactivated, for now.
Castillo stepped closer to Rosette with her fists on her hips and scowled. "So tell me one good reason why I shouldn't fire you instantly?" She asked Rosette
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