Dwarf: Part 1; Surge

Who: Davie
When: About a day or two after the coronation, late at
"night" on the ship
Where: The Room containing the Worm Hole Generator, (he is
making his security rounds)
stepped through the door to the worm hole generator room, the rubber soles of
his boots squeaked softly on the metal floor. He looked around the generator
room looking for other personnel, but at this time of night he wasn't surprised
not to find anyone. This job wasn't bad. The pay certainly wasn't the highest
on the ship, but it was better than nothing. He couldn't complain. At least
things had been quiet on the ship for the last few days.
            As he
continued into the room he noticed a blue, electrical sparking that flashed
from behind a large mass of wires connected to the wormhole generator. He
stepped around the massive jungle of wires. As he did he saw a crack in the
generator's casing just underneath a power readout panel. The crack was
throwing out a bright, flickering light. He took a step closer to get a better
look. Yep. It was a crack alright.
            He reached
for his radio to report the crack. "This security officer Davie Jones." he said
into the radio headset's mouthpiece. "Go ahead." came the reply. "I need to
report a crack in th--" Davie's voice was cut off mid sentence as the power
readout spiked and an arm swirling blue and red energy shot out from the crack.

            Davie's head swirled and
his body felt numb as he was sucked into to energy beam, and he was thrown down
a spinning wormhole. The end of the wormhole flashed in front of him and all he
saw an enormous wall of metal rushing up at him.
            He slammed
into the ground with a heavy thud. What
the smeg was that?... he thought as he lifted himself up and looked around.
He was still in the wormhole generator room, but something was different. He
checked his equipment. Pistol, knife, medikit, radio. It was all there, but his
radio had lost power for some reason.
            He turned
back to look at the crack in the generator, but it was gone. Almost like it had
never existed. There were no weld marks, no patching, nothing. Davie walked towards the generator room exit
and into the corridor outside. There was no one. He rounded the next corner,
and saw a human figure. "Hey," said Davie,
"who are you?"
            The figure
turned to reveal a zombified appearance, and out of Davie's mutated left eye he could see a small
grey bead right in the middle of an otherwise glowing orange body. A hologram? thought Davie as the zombie stepped aggressively
towards him. Davie
drew his gun and aimed for the light bee in the holograms midsection. He pulled
the trigger, but his fire seemed to stop the instant it hit the hologram. A hard light hologram! he thought. He
turned to run down the corridor, only to be met by another one of these zombie
            He pushed
past it to find another, and another, and still another. No way I can smegging win this! he thought as he pushed his way
past them. He continued pushing past them down the corridor, and saw a
janitor's closet up ahead, followed by an elevator. He chose to head for the
elevator. With the zombiegrams hot on his heels he around the corner, he came
up on the janitor's closet. Suddenly, something flew out and grabbed his shirt,
dragging him into the closet, slamming the door shut with the two of them
            "How did
you get on board?" said a voice Davie
thought he'd recognized. "Who are you?!" Davie
said, looking at a small, and hovering, robot. A screen on the peewee looking
robot lit up, and on it was only a face. "I'm the ship's central computer."
came the reply.
OOC – Okay, nobody panic! This doesn't affect the rest of
the crew! I've been transported to an alternate dimension. And the leak can't
affect anyone either. I've already fixed it. (That doesn't make sense now but
it will.) Well, to be continued. ) 

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