Dwarf: Part 3: Pancakes for dinner.

Who: Davie,
Justin, Hollywee, and Zombies.
Where: Alternate Blue Dwarf
When: After Davie
got the exoskeleton.
"What?" He yelled, as he saw a zombie walk past
outside. He peered out, to see
several holographic creatures, their physical forms glitching occasionally. The
creatures noticed him and turned, he could see the letter 'H' on each of their
heads, buried deep into their gross skulls.
They snarled, and ran towards him, slashing with long bony hands.
"Help! Heeeeelp!" Justin cried.
<End Snip>
"We will have to destroy the Holographic Projection
Suite. With that armor that should be no problem. After that we have to
incapacitate or destroy the Simulant." said the Hollywee. "Well
then," said Davie,
"what are we waiting for?"
<End Snip 2>
            "Well the,"
said Davie,
"what are we waiting for?"
            "What the
smeg was that?!" said Davie
moving quickly for the after the screams of terror. "I have no idea!" replied
Hollywee. Davie
threw the door wide open, his shot gun pointed forward. He was met by a dimly
lit hallway; the only light sources were the soft, dim blue light over the lift
door at one end, and the widely spaced low-power lights on the ceiling.
scream, to Davie's
left. Davie spun
to see a man being chased wildly down the corridor by several Zombiegrams. "Oh,
what now?!!?" said the man in terror as he stopped short halfway between Davie and the
Zombiegrams. The stopped and looked terrified at Davie's dark, exoskeleton clad silhouette
outlined by the light spilling out of the open door. "Get down!!" shouted Davie, bringing his
Shotgun to bear. The man Dropped to the floor and Davie started firing round after round in the
wave of Zombies advancing down the corridor towards them.
            Davie pulled the trigger,
dropping one Zombie, then pumped the gun, pulling the trigger again, then
repeating the process quickly and viscously, firing over the head of the man on
the floor as the light bees of Zombie after Zombie fell smoking to the ground. Davie pulled the trigger
dropping two zombies at once this time. Davie continued this for what seemed an
eternity until the wave of Zombiegrams was finished, and all that was left was
a field of broken, smoldering and charred pieces of metal and wire from the
Zombies light bees. The smell of burnt rubber filled the air.
            Davie holstered his
Shotgun and hauled the man to his feet, looking at his purple prison uniform,
and reading the name tag; "Justine Pancake"
said Davie,
lifting the man from the ground and pushing him against the wall. "What the
smeg are you doing here?!" asked Davie,
"No scratch that I think I already know." Davie
said dropping his to his feet. "Do I know you??" asked Justin. Davie removed his helmet, revealing the scars
on his face, his discolored left eye, and his long shoulder length. Justin knew
immediately who it was, remembering when they last met.
<Flash back- wavy lines go up and down the screen.>
you're not with me, then you're against me."
Davie stood
dead still, facing Justin. He glanced at Justin's gun; it was within an arms
length of Davie.
Davie looked
into Justin's eyes, a deep, hypnotic stare. From Justin's point of view Davie looked like a
madman, and hesitated. Davie continued his
stare, and then suddenly, before Justin could react, Davie launched his left hand sideways at
Justin's gun, knocking it to the side. Davie
brought his right hand around and hit Justin squarely across the jaw with an
open palm punch, knocking him towards the wall.
Davie quickly
kicked him in the back of the knees, knocking him to the ground. Davie swung a final blow
at the back of Justin's head, dazing him heavily. "If you ever point a gun
at me again, I'll kill you!" Davie
said, taking Justin's gun away from him, quickly dismantling the trigger
assembly, throwing it to one end of the corridor and the rest of the gun to the
other. Davie
turned away from Justin, leaving him in the corridor, dazed and confused.
<Squiggly lines again and we're back to the present.>
            "I know
you." Justin said flatly as he watched Davie
stare at him sternly. At that moment the Hollywee floated out. "You two know
each other then?" he said. "Yes." said Davie
and Justin in unison. "Look," said Davie,
"right now we're stuck with each other. Personally, I'd rather be stuck with
you than a stranger. I need to know if I can trust you. Can I?" said Davie, removing his
pistol and holding it out to Justin. Justin slowly reached out his hand for the
pistol, taking the gun from him. Justine looked at the gun in his hand, then at
Davie, and
nodded. "Good," said Davie,
"Now come in here, we to go over a few things." Davie said, turning for the door. Hollywee
floated up to Davie's
head. "From the way it sounds your two are either best friends or mortal
enemies. You sure it's a good idea to give him a loaded gun?" asked Holly in a
low voice so Justin wouldn't hear. "I didn't." Davie whispered back, "But don't let him know
that." Davie
grinned sly fully. "And we aren't really enemies. It's just the last time we
met he was pointing a gun at me. And then ended up in prison. For what I don't know.
Just keep an eye on him." said Davie
grinning at Holly. "You coming he?" Davie
asked Justin, who was still standing in the corridor, dazed. Justin snapped out
of his trance and walked briskly, following Davie into the room.
<OOC – Justin, this could be the beginning of a beautiful
friendship.  >
<Note: Justin, I have a reason for not giving you a
loaded gun, so don't freak out when you hear "click"  >

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