When the going gets tough, the tough press the accelerator.

<OOC – Real kick ass plan Justin! I couldn't have pulled
it off better myself….>
Where: Alternate Blue Dwarf
When: After the first Holo Projection Suite blew up.
Who: Justin, Davie,
Holly (V.2), six Scutters, and a really fudged off Simulant.
"Ahh... well..." Justin started. "I noticed
something just before the holographic projector started to overheat. That
parallel Blue Dwarf had two holographic projection suites, the second one was
set to come online if the first failed. Which means-"
"More zombies." Said Davie.
<End Snip>
            At that
moment the floating, peewee bodied Holly came floating around the corner,
accompanied by his entourage of weapon toting Scutters. "Where have you guys
been?" asked Davie.
"Covering the rear." said Holly matter-o-factly. "Well," began Justin, "we have
a new set of problems."
"I know," said Holly, "the second Hologram Projection
"How do you know?" asked Davie. "I'm the ship's computer, remember?
Oh, and there's something I forgot to tell you."
"What now?" said Davie
and Justin in unison.
"Don't let the Zombies bite you, or you'll become infected."
"I thought that they were just holograms?" said Davie.
"They are," began Holly, "hard light  holograms. They
can touch you, and they a physical presence. The Simulant in control of them
has altered their light bees to contain a small pocket of organic nano machines
that can reproduce on their own. If you're bitten, these nano machines will
infect you and turn you in a virtually mindless robot. A zombie."
"Great." said Justine. "Yeah, great," said Davie, "now we have to fight these guys and
can't get to close to them."
"We can still get the upper hand if we get to the other HP
suite before it boots up." said Justin. "That give say…." said Holly, "…about
seven minuets."
"Okay," said Davie,
"here's the plan; Holly, you go to the Drive Room and set the Wormhole
Generator to poke a hole back to our dimension. I was on the radio when I was
brought thought to this dimension; use the transmission to guide us back.
Justin, you come with me."


Who: Justin, Davie,
and the Sim I mentioned.
Where: The second HP Suite
When: Six and a half minuets later.
said Davie as
he stood next to Justin who was bent over a computer terminal, desperately
trying to stop the HPS from booting up. Davie
pumped his shot gun, ready for the next wave of Zombie Holograms. "I'm trying!"
said Justin flustered, "It's like someone is trying to override my commands!
Wait…" said Justin, pausing and studying the consol, "…the projection command
signal is split two ways; one half is coming to this consol, the other half is
"To the Sim." said Davie.
Just at the moment, Zombies started to materialize outside. Davie pointed his gun to fire, "Wait!!"
yelled Justin, "I'm controlling these guys!"
"I've managed to get control of the half that are receiving
their signal from me."
"Excellent! Now send em up against the other half!"
"Well it's not as easy as all that." said Justin. "What do
you mean?"
"I mean we still have to destroy the Sim to stop his army of
the undead toasters."
"Okay then, we stop the Sim."
Suddenly the intercom crackled
loudly to life. "I know you can hear me humans!" said a loud, booming,
electronic voice. "I'm coming for you!" and the intercom silenced.
"We've got his attention now, I'd
definitely say there goes the element of surprise." said Davie.
"Alright, you go after the Sim. You
should be plenty well protected in the exoskeleton of yours, what with the
holographic armor and all." said Justin. "And what'll you be doing?" asked Davie. "I'm going to stay
here and try to keep his army busy for you."
"Sounds good to me."
said Davie.
"Once he's out of commission, I'll meet you in the Drive Room with Holly. Be
sure to his army busy long enough." said Davie
as he turned to leave. "Davie!"
Davie stopped,
and turned to face the Technician, "Good luck."


Who: Davie
and the Sim.
 Where: All over the
smegging place.
When: Just a few moments after he left.
            Davie walked slowly down
the corridor, careful not run into or shoot any friendly Zombies. Davie stepped into a lift
and examined the keypad as the doors slid closed in front of him. Now if I were a Simulant where would I go?
thought Davie
as he stood looking at the buttons on the wall. Ka-chunk! The lift shook wildly, and Davie was jostled from side to side. "He's
hiding on top of the elevator?!!" said Davie
he dodged one of the Simulant's hands that came rocketing down through the
            Davie a button at random
on the wall and began firing up through the ceiling, Terminator 2 style. Round
after round as the Simulant continued tearing through the ceiling. Ping. The elevator doors opened and the Simulant fell
through the top of the lift. Davie
was knocked to the ground and his gun slid into a corner of the lift. Davie rolled out, and
jumped to his feet, beginning to run down the corridor. He saw painted on the
wall the words "Stasis Chamber". Davie
followed the sign, a plan forming in his mind. The Simulant was hot on his
heels and leapt into the air, tackling Davie
to the ground.
            Davie's holographic armor
flashed and fizzed as the weight of the Simulant pressed down on his body and
his exoskeleton. Davie
rolled over on top of the Simulant and began punching him in the face as hard
as his suit could. The metal on the Sim's face began to dent, and the false
skin tore and began to fall off, revealing his robotics. The Sim threw his fist
up, hitting Davie Squarely in the face. Davie
fell backwards onto the ground, his Holographic armor flashed  and made a ZttZZtz sound. "Holographic armor failure." said the exoskeleton's
onboard computer as the Sim lunged at Davie.
Davie threw his
foot into the air, hitting the Sim squarely in the chest. Davie stood up and ran past the Sim, head for
the stasis chamber.
            Davie stopped in front of
the chamber and began quickly keying in the activation. The door slid open as
the Simulant came rushing around the corner towards Davie. Davie
ducked low, dodging a swing from the Sim, punching him several times in the
body. Davie
rose to full height to swing a fist at the Sim's head and neck. The Sim hit
Davie in the face, and without his holographic armor, Davie felt the full force
of the punch as the inside of the exoskeleton's helmet hit his check bone,
reopening one of the segments of scar on Davie's face. Davie stumbled backwards, fighting to keep
his orientation as he blinked tears and blood from his eyes.
            The Sim
rushed forward again and Davie
spun out of his way. The Simulant was now between Davie and the Stasis Chamber. Davie jumped into the
air, grabbing onto a pipe running across the ceiling, and swung his metal boots
into the Simulant's body, knocking him into the stasis chamber. Davie dropped from the
ceiling and pressed the close button on the chamber door, activating the stasis
Simulant's fist froze in mid air in front of the glass window as he became
trapped in a static hole in time and space. Davie stared at the door, breathing heavily.
"Davie, did you
kill the Sim? All of his Zombies have just frozen." came Justin's voice over Davie's radio. "No, I
stuck him in stasis."
"How did you manage that?"

explain later. Meet me in the Drive room Justin."

Drive room
            When: A few
minuets later.
            Who: Davie, Justin, Holly.
            "What the
hell happened to you?!" asked Justin, looking at the dented helmet Davie was carrying in his
hand, and the obscenely looking amount of blood on his face and suit. "A fist
fight with a tank." said Davie.
"You fought that smegger by hand!!?? You're insane!"
"Well, Justin, I kinda lost this in
the elevator." said Davie,
holding up his shotgun. "Thanks for keeping those Zombies off me by the way."
"You're welcome." said Justin
smiling. "Holly," said Davie,
"have you and Justin set the Generator to take us back?"
"Yep. Let's get going shall we? I
suggest strapping yourselves in." said Holly. Davie and Justin each took a different seat.
An electric hum started whizzing through the air, and suddenly an enormous
swirling red vortex opened in front of the ship, instead of the usual blue.
ship's hull shuddered as Blue Dwarf passed through the dimension portal. They
emerged on the other side of the portal to see another Blue Dwarf floating in
space above the planet New Buckinghamshire. Suddenly the lights went dead.
"Power failure." said Justin. The light came back on and ship hummed alive once
again. "Hold on," said Holly, "I'm getting a distress call from the planet.
They say that they're being mined, they're wondering why they're not getting a
said Davie.
"That Blue Dwarf is hailing us." said Justin, standing at the comm. station.
"Hailing us?" said Davie,
"What is this, Star Trek? Okay put them on." Davie said, replacing his helmet, and
stepping in front of the video screen so that the Captain could see him. "Ship,
identify yourself." she said. "This is Rear Admiral…uh...Kirk of the JMC." said
Davie. "Rear
admiral??" whispered Justin. "Captain, I order you to send evacuation to that
planet immediately!"
is not possible sir, I am under direct orderz from the JMC command."
you disobeying a direct order Captain?"
Kirk, this mission does not concern you or your ship, leave or you vill be
fired upon."
            Davie laughed, "Captain
you obviously don't know what kind of day I've had do you? I've been sucked
from my dimension, shot at, beat up, and chased by an army of holographic
zombie controlled by a crazed, psychotic Simulant who wants nothing more than
to rip out my intestines and use them for a pair of boot laces! Captain I warn
you, if you disobey this order, you force me to do something drastic."
The captain ended
the communication. "Well that went well." said Justin sarcastically. "Right!"
said Davie,
"Justin, strap yourself in!"
"What are going to
"I'm gonna ram
"You're WHAT!?"
"Just hang on." Davie said, sitting in
front on the manual control over ride. He turned the five mile long mining ship
towards its counterpart and pressed the accelerator. The mining ship
accelerated quickly for it's size, speeding towards the other Blue Dwarf.
On the bridge of
the first Blue Dwarf, Captain Castillo looked worriedly at her body guard. "Ee
"Yes, he would!"
She watched in
horror as the other sped towards her ship. "ALL ANDS BRACE FOR IMPACT!!" she
shouted into the intercom.
Davie jerked the ship aside at the last
second, just narrowly missing the first Blue Dwarf. A screeching, ear piercing
metal on metal sound filled the air of both ships, and Davie piloted his Blue Dwarf screaming past
the first. After five miles of this shrill noise, Blue Dwarf two emerged on the
other side swinging around. "You are insane!!" yelled Justin.
"Open a channel."
said Davie. On
the video screen he could see the captain, disheveled and shaken, as her
command crew around her shook the fog from their minds and hurried about their
various jobs. "Captain," said Davie,
"I didn't miss on purpose. You have this smegger to thank for your lives." said
Davie, as he
pulled Justin into the view of the screen, and pushed him out again just as
quickly so that they wouldn't see his face. "Now are you going to follow my
order Captain, or should I shoot this guy next to my in the knees to stop from
stopping me again, and plot another collision course??"
The captain
thought for a moment and said "I will contact you again a few moments with my
decision." and ended the transmission. "I didn't stop you!!" yelled Justin
"Relax," said Davie, "It's a bluff to
get her to send evacuation. On the off chance that she decides not to, can you
get some of those holograms pilot any of the craft we have on here as an
"Holly! Check if
that Sim is still in stasis!"
Holly looked at
the stasis status readout. "Nope." said Holly calmly. "He got out when the
power failed didn't he?" said Justin.
"Just more smeg
for us to deal with…"
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 To whoever the main person
writing for the captain is, will you change your mind about my order, or will
your answer be a volley of cannon fire?  
To the Chief, this was the part of my plan that might have provided you
a way out. And, finally, to Justin: I would say this definitely counts as a

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