Amber & Rosette - "Back In The Blue"

The collar exploded in a huge ball of flame, nothing was left in it's place. A small pool of blood stained the deck where Rufus should be. Castillo's limp form lay prostrate on the deck, her life long gone, the shell that had been the woman seeping her life's blood onto the deck plating. Amber emptied her clip wildly, missing everythitng in her rage. Soon all that was left was the empty clicking sound as she pulled the trigger again and again. The quiet became pronounced as she realised that everyone was looking at Castillo's corpse. It was blood that was pooling around her corpse, but it wasn't red.
It was grey.
Castillo wasn't human.
Rosette's gun fell to the floor with a soft thunk. She stared at the ground, not sure what had just happened. Or just not able to face what she'd done.
Yes, she'd killed Castillo, and begun the end of their suffering at her hands, but at what cost? For a moment, she thought about the remaining rounds in the gun, and how it would be a fitting way to not have to go through anything like that again, but as she finally looked up to survey the madness, she noticed the lack of... anything.
Finally, her senses caught up, and replaced the silence with angry clicking from the empty gun in Amber's hand. Mustering the strength to get up, she gently placed a hand on Amber's shoulder, stopping the clicking, and bringing her back to her senses.
Amber shook her head as she realised her weapon was empty, and dropped it, leaving the rest up to the few people in the wings. With a loud clearing of her throat, Amber said in her most authoritative voice.
"Lieutenant LaChance, place these people under arrest."
Rosette smiled for the first time since the start of the meeting. Something in her said that Rufus wasn't gone, so she had to do her job until she found out exactly what happened.
Cassandra looked down at the trigger in her hand, and blinked. "It was only supposed to blow his bloody head off..."
Rosette aimed her gun towards them all, and called out to them. "Drop any weapons you have, and I might not shoot you in the face."
"And I hope you're proud that you followed someone to this length who wasn't even human." she added as an afterthought. "If she was sent here for a reason, it might even go all the way through the JMC."

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