OOC - New member "Kaje Reilloc"

OOC - Hi everyone, this has been a very busy day for posts! To add to the turmoil, here's a new character! Everyone please give a warm welcome to Karl, who is playing "Kaje Reilloc" (I've no idea how to pronounce that! Maybe that's the first problem our characters will have too!) Who faked his way into the JMC to escape the crime underworld in Birmingham.
You can see Kaje's character profile here: http://www.bluedwarf.co.uk/crew/command-drive-room-staff/kaje-reilloc
Or below:
Character Name Kaje Reilloc
Gender Male
Age 26
Species Human
Nationality English
Department Command
Rank Ensign
Character's Physical Appearance
Kaje stands 6'0" tall with an athletic/muscular frame, short well styled blonde hair (shorter than in the character image) and deep brown eyes. His face is adorned with moderate stubble. His right forearm displays a number of tattoos, four of which are the symbols for the suits in playing cards, a diamond, a heart, a spade and a club. His left shoulder has a faded, partially removed tattoo that looks a little like a gang insignia.
Character's Personality and Interests
Kaje could be described as having a dual personality disorder, as well as being a closet alcoholic. Whilst he usually comes across as a very personable and fun fella, ready for a chuckle and a chat, he has a very dark side that sometimes comes to the fore. Whilst in that mindset, his methods for achieving a mission goal or even personal gain, can be very questionable. When kicking back and relaxing, Kaje loves Zero-G Football, listening to punk music and working out. He can also be found in a bar sharing drinks with his friends, sometimes too many due to his addiction. He found that a moderate alcohol intake subdued the memories of less happy times and events he'd like to forget.
Character's history/background story
Born and raised in England, on Earth, Kaje had a troubled childhood. He was born into the criminal underworld and spent much of his youth picking pockets and stealing for one of the major Birmingham crime families. He was known as one of the most feared members of the Reilloc Youth, a section of the Reilloc crime family that specialised in the recruitment and training of young, wannabe, gang members.
Kaje spearheaded the movement with his superb people skills and persuasive abilities, both in communication and more unsavoury means!
After many years of being involved in theft, torture and murder, and narrowly avoiding death and witnessing a good friend killed after being double crossed by his friend's own father, Kaje finally took steps to clean up his act and get out of the underworld. He paid a contact to forge a high quality CV, with fake references, and signed up with the JMC in whatever role they'd give him!
Character's favourite phrases/sayings
"Hey dudes!"
"Yo peeps!"
"If it looks like a dog and smells like a dog, you'd better slit the fecker open and make sure it's not a rat in disguise."

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