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(In character)Chief? Amber? Would you like me to shoot them?
Hey, it's just a thought...
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> Rosette aimed her gun towards them all, and called out to them. "Drop any weapons you have, and I might not shoot you in the face."
> "And I hope you're proud that you followed someone to this length who wasn't even human." she added as an afterthought. "If she was sent here for a reason, it might even go all the way through the JMC."
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> Cassandra raised her eyebrows
> "That's extremely rich coming from some mongrel insect / human cross" she drawled
> Snarling, Rosette bought her weapon to bear on the woman who, as far as she knew, had murdered Rufus
> "Give me one good reason not to smegging well kill you right now!" she snapped
> "Huh" Cassandra smiled coldly "Did I touch a nerve...?"
> Rosette gently squeezed the guns trigger, the weapons mechanism clicking softly as the firing pin drew back
> "Drop and spread them!" she snarled "I want you down on the floor right now, you smegging bitch!"
> Cassandra sighed
> "That's exactly what Fifi used to say..."
> "Damn it!" Rosette let out a short, furious scream of frustration and fired a warning shot off over Cassandra's shoulder, making her cringe in shock and surprise
> "You..." Cass started, her eyes narrowing
> "Get. On the floor. Now. You murderous bitch!" Rosette snarled in a clipped voice
> "Oh, stop this smegging stupidity right now!" another voice rang through the air, making everyone turn and stare in surprise as Brittany, dressed in a smart white trouser suit, strode into view
> Rosette only momentarily distracted focused her attention and weapon back onto Cassandra
> "Your Majesty" she began "This really isn't safe for you here..."
> Brittany and Cassandra exchanged glances, Cassandra finally favouring Rosette with disdainful sneer
> "Stick your smegging orders! I invoke diplomatic immunity!"
> Rosette very nearly shot her
> "What!?" she spat, her eyes darting wildly between Brittany and Cassandra "You've got to be smegging joking!?"
> Brittany raised her eyebrows, the faintest hint of a smile perhaps played across her lips
> "Granted" she said mildly
> "What the smeg!?" Rosette rounded on Brittany "How can you even think of granting this woman diplomatic immunity!? She's nothing but a remorseless, evil, murdering bitch!"
> "An eye for an eye sweetheart!" Cass spat "You fired the first shot!"
> "Shut the smeg up!" Brittany snapped, asserting control once again "You are not helping!"
> She sighed before she continued
> "Evil is an extremely subjective term LaChance. But more is the point: We aren't yet in full possession of the facts here"
> She paused to nod down at Castillo's corpse
> "For example: We don't know who or what she was" she continued "That grey stuff could be blood, or even coolant. Just to speculate wildly, you may have just murdered an artificial person; a sentient accorded full citizenship rights by dozens of nations - including, might I add, the United Kingdom; the jurisdiction under which this very ship operates"
> Rosette glanced sceptically down at the body, but there wasn't much to see other than a ruin of grey 'blood' (if that's what it really was) and matted blonde hair
> "But she was smegging nuts!" she protested
> "Indubitably" Brittany retorted "But it would explain how other JMC ships apparently have their own Castillo's: Mass production of the same model, each with a similar neurological programming glitch? - it would explain the aberrant behaviour we've seen"
> Amber piped up
> "I'm not having this crap Brittany! As Captain of this ship..."
> "You will address me as 'Your Majesty'!" Brittany rounded on an astonished Amber "And as for you being Captain, I have to ask: By what authority, and for how long do you expect you'll remain so!? You and your cohorts ignored the defined Space Corp procedures for replacing a captain deemed unfit for duty, and instead embarked upon guerrilla warfare; this is still a JMC ship and such, a court martial will likely view you as little better than mutineers!"
> Cassandra, a broad, gloating smile on her face, strolled over to stand next to Brittany
> She winked at Rosette
> "Better luck next time toots..."
> Brittany rounded on her
> "One more word" she snapped, holding a single slim finger up in her face "I mean it. One more word from you, and I revoke the smegging diplomatic immunity that's keeping you alive."
> She turned on a heel and strode off leaving everyone speechless
> "We're leaving" she shouted over her shoulder "...Now!"
> Cassandra hurried after her
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