****ACTION**** Down With The JMC!

Who: Amber, CrewWhere: Blue DwarfWhen: The morning after the night before.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Castillo's goons had been evicted off the ship, scattering to the four winds, most heading over to the nearby JMC ship. The JMC ship had thought about trying to attack the Blue Dwarf but when the Big Blue One opened up all gun batteries, it fled back to earth."PANCAKE! Get me a wormhole now! I want to get away from Earth." Amber barked, shuffling uncomfortably in the Captain's chair. Taken aback by the authority in her voice, Justin nodded and began to execute the commands for bringing up the Blue Dwarfs greatest ally.The swirling vortex opened up and the ship passed through without incident. In the quiet area of space that they now hung in Amber breathed a small sigh. They were safe for the moment. She knew she had to do something, but wasn't sure what. what could one person do against an entire corporation?Then she realised that it wasn't just her. She had an army of over 1000 people at her command. She just needed them on her side."Kaje open me up a channel to the entire crew. I want them all to here this. No matter where they are.""Yes, Captain." He said, pushing a few buttons. "You're on Sir... Ma'am... Urm..." He fumbled, Amber just grinned at him."This is your Captain speaking." Amber began, desperately trying to not think about what would happen if she messed up this speech. "Castillo is dead, shortly we will have the results from Keto's autopsy on her assessing the exact nature of her deceit. It is evident that she is not human. She was evil, she captured us, tortures us. She lead with a campaign of fear and terror. We let a stranger come into our family untested. The JMC sent her here, so we cannot be sure how far up the chain of command this infestation goes. I am cutting all ties with the JMC. We cannot follow them whilst they are fighting to suppress humanity." She paused to let this sink in. "I aim to bring down the corrupt JMC and re-instate the company that we all signed up to. The company that was good and pure. The company that stood up and said, 'Hey, Wait a minute, we don't want the Hymenopterra' or the company that stood against the initial Mollopod invasion. All of you. Every single man, woman and designated 'other' are fine people, you all fought the Hymenopterra, you were all there when the Mollopod's killed our fellow humans! Stand with me now against this new alien menace!" She took a breath, pausing whilst the message to the crew was heard and digested. Thinking about Rufus, hoping that he wasn't dead. Hoping that Rosette would find something, anything to bring him back."I didn't sign up for this smeg!" She said, surprised at the level of authority that she could manage in her own voice. "I want volunteers to paint the JMC off every wall and sign on this ship, inside and out. I want you all to tear off your JMC insignia on your uniforms and burn them. We stand alone against the masses. We are great as one, we have achieved greatness in the past. We can do it again. Stand with me now and let's show them how great we are! That we won't be oppressed! That we fight for the freedom of what and who we love!"She looked across at Kaje and gestured for him to cut the comms line. He did and all she could do was hope that it had worked and wait for Keto's report.<tag all!>

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