Rosette - "Messing with things not Understood"

"One more word" she snapped, holding a single slim finger up in her
face "I mean it. One more word from you, and I revoke the smegging
diplomatic immunity that's keeping you alive."
She turned on a heel and strode off leaving everyone speechless
"We're leaving" she shouted over her shoulder "...Now!"
Cassandra hurried after her
"There's something not quite right here..." Rosette said to herself as
she put her gun away. The prospect of killing Cassandra really did
appeal to every part of her mind, but with that diplomatic immunity
the Queen had granted, the price would be too high.
Spinning around, she stormed out of the Supply field, leaving the
Captain to her own devices.
"Sorry Amber... I have something I need to do now. If you find a way
around that diplomatic immunity, tell me so I can go and kill her."
Rosette said as she left the supply field, punching the wall on the
way out.
She drew the item from her pocket that Rufus had put there, and looked at it.
"A memory stick?" she said to herself as she headed for the lifts.
Rufus' lab would of course be the best and only truly secure place to
look at it. All of the defenses had been trained to accept Rosette
now, which was something only one other person had, beyond Rufus
himself. The door opened as the angry mollopod hologram disappeared.
Most normal people would be put off enough by the threat of being
eaten by a Mollopod, but if that wasn't enough, the drone-guns inside
the lab, controlled by Tria, Rufus' personal AI.
Tria wasn't as full an AI as Holly, she was just intelligent enough to
respond to commands, and follow instructions. Rosette didn't
recognise the voice that Tria had, she assumed it was computer
generated though, as it seemed a little distant. Rufus had of course
explained the reason behind the lack of a full AI, and that was that
basic AI's can be made more secure, and thus more reliable.
"Security Deactivated. Welcome, Rosette." Tria chirped as the drone
gun fell back into its alcove in the ceiling. Rosette sat at the
computer, and stared at the screen, which required a password.
"well, he's not going to put a password in that can be guessed..." she
said, so just slid the memory stick into the drive, and hoped. Just
like magic, the asterixes of a password appeared on the screen,
lightning fast, and the system unlocked.
After a good half hour of scouring through the files that had been put
on the drive, Rosette had her head in her hands.
"I can't do this..." she admitted, pulling the memory stick out of the
computer to keep it safe. Last night hadn't given her much sleep,
since she couldn't help but think about the meeting they'd just had.
With a soft thump, her head hit the pillow of the bed that Rufus had
in his lab. With the security systems in place, and Cassandra and the
Scythers still out there, it was the only truly safe place left on the
"Holly, you're still on our side, right?" she asked before she let
herself fall asleep.
"Always, babe." he replied, with a wink.
"Wake me up if anything happens..." she said, then fell asleep.

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