"Thanks for the rescue."

Who: Davie,
Justin, and Alfredo.
When: During his rescue.
Where: In the thick of the space battle.
Gomez used the radar computer to locate Davie Jones' ship,
and pointed. Justin flew over his ship and dropped a grappling claw, gripping
the wrecked Space Eagle
<End Snip>
            Davie looked up from
inside his exoskeleton's helmet into the darkness of space, and saw Justin's
Space Eagle approached. Davie
aimed his shot gun away from his own ship and pulled the trigger, using the gun
as a miniature rocket to propel him back to his cockpit. Seven minuets of air
left. Davie
hauled himself into his one person cockpit through the man sized hole in the
glass canopy. He grabbed onto his chair, and Justin locked the tow clamp firmly
in place to Davie's
ship's tail and began to accelerate away. Davie's
ship was wretched from being tangled through the hull of the Mauve Midget it
had crashed into.
and much to Davie's
surprise, Justin swerved, avoiding an oncoming JMC ship. Davie was jostled around like a rag doll as
Justin took evasive action to avoid being shot by the ship giving chase. He
ground his teeth together as he was swung wide with every of Justin's turns.
Plasma bolts erupted around him. Davie
tried to power up the weapons console to fire his ship's guns. He still had
power, barely. He squeezed the trigger. His guns flashed but didn't fire. Davie locked his foot
against the dashboard and pressed himself into his seat as Justin swerved
again. A single bolt flew in through the hole in the canopy, burning through metal
next to his head.
seemingly no reason, the JMC ship following them decelerated, and swerved off,
giving up on the chase. Puzzled, Davie's
mouth dropped open slightly, and cocked his head to the side. Without warning, Davie was tossed about,
having collided with the back end of a JMC Star Bug. The rear of the Star Bug
and his Killer class star fighter, exploded. As they collided, Davie was bounced upwards, smashing his head
into what was left of the canopy. His teeth cut into his inner left cheek.
Blood filled his mouth, and he spit, blood splattering across the inside of his
helmet, along with a small piece of check flesh and chips off of his teeth.
            His ship
was unsalvageable, but at least he was alive. A few minuets later they set down
on Blue Dwarf's Flight Deck, and as the artificial gravity took old again, and
Justin began to land, Davie's
ship, or, at least, what was left of it, crashed to the deck with a heavy,
scraping metal thud. Davie
hauled himself out of the wreckage, tumbling onto the deck. He yanked off his
helmet, blood dumping out of it as he gasped for air. He looked up from his
vantage point on his hands and knees.
altered Snip> "Look, I know I chose the wrong side. When there's
people with separate points of view screaming at you, telling you their way is
best, how are you supposed to know what the right thing to do is?" said
Justin to Alfredo Gomez. "Easy amigo!" Said Gomez. "You pick ze
one zat is not crazy!" said Alfredo, 
"You pick ze one zat is not crazy!"
Justin shrugged. "How did I
know Amber wasn't crazy? Girls have lead me astray before... A teacher in
school once warned me... but I didn't listen. This time I really wanted to do
the right thing... but as it turns out now... it wasn't." <End altered Snip>
Davie looked up at them as Justin stared off
in reverie. "Yeah, I'm fine, thanks for asking." he said, staggering to his
feet. Justin looked over at him, and Davie
looked back. "Uhh…thanks for saving my ass back there."
"And for hitting you in Parrots
earlier, sorry."
Justin nodded for a moment.
"Apology accepted."
"Don't get me wrong, at the time
you deserved it!"
"Uh, guys?" said Alfredo as a small
explosion vibrated the hull, "What about la batalla? The battle!?"
            Davie and Justin, glancing at Gomez, then at
each other. They nodded, and turned away from each other.
            Davie looked at the
wreckage of his nearly antique ship and sighed, breaking into a jog to grab
towards an unoccupied Space Eagle. It wasn't over yet.

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