Leg pulling

Who: Seymour & Cassandra
Where: High dependency unit, medilab
When: Half a day or so after Seymour got legless
Seymour stirred fitfully in his bed for a moment or two before his eyes finally flicked open, taking in his surroundings and the damage wrought upon his body; his legs notable by their absence beneath the crisp white bed linen
"Oh God; it wasn't a dream!" he wailed, turning to try and bury his head in the pillow
Wildflower hurried over, readying an applicator full of sedatives
"It's ok Seymour" she murmured, grasping his unbandaged hand "You're in a bad way but we'll have you fixed up in no time"
"My legs" Seymour whimpered "Oh, my legs..."
Wildflower held his hand, caressing it sympathetically until Seymour pulled it away from her to lift the bed sheets and examine what lay beneath
"Oh, God" he moaned, gazing down in horror at all the bandages and synthetic skin "Wh... what happened to..."
His breath hitched in his throat, and Wildflower squeezed his hand tightly, leaning closer
"Yes Seymour?" she asked
"Did... did" Seymour started again, looking tearfully up at Wildflower "Did... did 'Little Seymour' make it?"
Cassandra, languishing amidst a battery of tubes and machines in a bed on the other side of the ward, pushed the plate on the trolley in front of her away and dabbed her lips with a napkin
"That was a great patella - I mean paella"
Seymour glanced over at her, his eyes widening as soon as he realised who he was sharing a ward with
"You!" he hissed "I knew I'd recognise your face if I saw you again; you're the one that drugged me on Fourth Base, aren't you? ...Regina Butcombe?"
Cassandra raised her eyebrows and shook her head
"Nope, not me; you must be confusing me with someone else"
"Yes you bloody well are!" Seymour continued insistently "And after I awoke in some grubby motel infested with heaven only knows what, I got back to find the Fallen Madonna has been stolen from my apartment! It was you wasn't it!?"
Wildflower glanced over towards Cassandra
"Any idea what this is about?" she asked
"No idea" Cass replied with a shrug "I'm completely stumped"
"Oh, come on!" Seymour near shouted "Admit it! Where did you hide it?"
"Tibia honest, I haven't the slightest ankling what you're on about" Cass drawled
"Wh...? Y... You're making light of my condition aren't you!?" Seymour glared at her "You're not funny, you know"
"What!? No! I'm not pulling your leg!" Cassandra looked mildly offended "That would be a bit below the belt wouldn't it?"
"I... You..." Seymour gabbled "You did it again!"
"Oh, smeg!" Cass' hand shot to her mouth "I'm terribly sorry; didn't realise - how toe curlingly embarrassing"
Wildflower scowled and glared over at Cassandra
"Ms. Jones..." he warned
"I protest! - That's just a knee jerk reaction!"
"Oh, come on!" Seymour shouted, before turning to address Wildflower "I'm not having this! I can't share a room with this... this... woman!"
Wildflower held her hands up to placate Seymour
"That's not a thing we have any control over, Mr. Niples. You're both very ill and in need of the high dependency unit's facilities; so until one or the other of you improve enough to move out onto the normal ward, you're both stuck here with each other"
Cass smiled cheerily at Seymour
"Now..." Wildflower continued "Let's have an end to this, and concentrate instead on getting the two of you fit and well again, shall we?"
She strolled out of the ward to attend to other duties, and left the two patients regarding each other
"We can grow those back again" Cass said softly "Your legs, I mean... Keto's a smart guy, but if he can't I can"
"I'm sure that won't be necessary" Seymour sniffed "Doctor Keto is a superb physician"
"Anyway... Sorry" Cass offered "I kinda put my foot in it there; I feel like a real heel..."
Seymour shut his eyes tightly, his bottom lip quivering
Seymour being drugged by "Regina Butcombe" can be read here: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/Blue_Dwarf/message/12693

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