Pancake's Penitance

Who: Justin Pancake, Rosette, Rufus, Efof, Davie
Where: Planet of the snakes, jungle
When: After Efof saw a guilt snake
They continued towards the base, and they started to see tall buildings poking
over the tops of the jungle, but they were still in the territory of the
<end snip>
Justin was worried.
"So... they tap into your brain somehow and know what will make you feel guilty?" He asked as they walked.
Efof nodded. "I'm not sure how they know, but they just know exactly what makes you feel guilty. If you've done something bad in your life... I guess they know." Efof shrugged and continued walking, leaving Justin more worried than before. Out of everyone on this trip, he had the most to feel guilty about.
As she walked past, he caught Rosette's eye. She glared at him, knowing what he'd done and still not trusting him.
Justin started to bite his fingernails. When he realised he was last he started to run to catch up. "Wait everyone! Wait!"
Just one Guilt-snake would have been enough to reduce him to tears, but guilt-snakes hunt in packs. A whole group of them were stalking him.
A snake disguised as Castillo appeared to him first. "You're a bad JMC officer." She said to him. "And a traitor!"
"Pfft, get out of my face snake! You're not going to make me guilty that way. Castillo was part of some nasty JMC plan to conquer the galaxy. I'm way over that now!"
Then Efof appeared, holding a stub where his arm should have been, and champagne-like blood oozed out. "My hand, you cut my hand off! Twice!"
Justin bit his lip. "Okay, yeah that was my fault... I do feel quite bad about it." Justin said.
After that, a bloodied and burned Seymour Niples crawled out of the undergrowth, dragging his body along without his legs. "You blew me up! You set a bomb and blew me up!"
Justin started to whimper. "But, someone told me to do it!"
Seymour continued to crawl towards him, and threw a disembodied leg towards him.
One after another, came the victims that he'd killed whilst working for the JMC Nazis. The ones he'd shot and killed, and the ones he'd executed. He fell to his knees and started to cry.
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry everyone! I'm a bad person – okay?"
He buried his face into the soil, and each of them got closer.
When he lifted his head up to take a fresh breath between sobbing, he saw a new figure standing the closest. It was a tall man with bushy eyebrows and a cape.
"I'm so disappointment in you!" Said Potential. "You could have been so much more, I showed you what a great man you could have been. You could have been a Captain, you could have forged the future of the JMC, side by side with Eckerslike you could have ruled the galaxy with the Hymenoptera! But look at you now. You're nothing. You're just a snivelling little goit that nobody likes on a starship that the entire galaxy wants to destroy. You're worthless. What are you?"
"I'm worthless!" Justin sobbed.
"WORTHLESS!" Potential repeated.
Justin cried and spread his arms out wide. "Okay. I'm worthless. Come and eat me you stupid snakes! Come and eat meeeeeeeeee!"
The figures all changed back into their natural form. 6 foot snakes with razor sharp teeth. The closest one reared up and brought its mouth down onto Justin's head. It crunched through his skull and swallowed.
A second snake took a bite out of his body, pulling at it whilst another tugged from the other side. Eventually they ripped his body into two pieces, and stripped flesh from his bones until all that was left was a sad looking skeleton.
A guilty looking skeleton.
OOC - So that's the death of Justin Pancake.
Some of you might think it didn't come soon enough, some of you might think he hasn't been punished enough for the crimes he's committed over the years. He's definitely dead but no, I'm not leaving (I love this game too much!).
I'll post again soon, but the question is, who will I be posting about?

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