*Action* - The Castillo machine

Who: Rosette, Rufus, Efof, Davie
Where: Slithmorphin, planet of the snakes
When: After Justin died
Efof's bazukoid almost overheated as he attacked the jungle. Every tree in the immediate surroundings was on fire. He didn't stop until Rosette touched his arm.
"I think you got them." She reminded him.
"Oh yeah!" Said Efof, surveying the damage. The ground was soft from pulp from destroyed foliage, or splattered Guilt-snakes. Efof trudged over to Justin's body and put all four hands over his mouth.
"We're too late." He said.
Davie walked up next to him. "A lot too late!" he said, looking at the skeleton. Every bit of flesh had been picked off Pancake's bones.
A tear rolled down Efof's face and he scrunched up his face. Rosette touched him gently on the shoulder. "I'm sorry I didn't realise you were friends."
"We weren't. He chopped my hand off once.... Twice. But I forgive him for that. I'm crying because I want to think of something really funny to say about his last name but all I can think of is 'flat as a Pancake' but it doesn't fit."
"Oh, sorry." Said Rosette.
Just then, one of the trees that had been on fire fell down onto Justin's skeleton, crushing it.
"Yes! Flat as a pancake!" Efof said, then turned around and walked towards the city.
The city on Slithmorphin was deserted.
On every street it looked like there had been a battle. Dead Guilt-snakes laid everywhere, next to JMC personnel, the kind with the Nazi-style armbands.
"What happened here?" Efof asked.
"I guess it's their own stupid fault making a city next to such dangerous animals." Said Davie. "It's a bit like Australia really."
"It's not just the Guilt-snakes. Look!" Said Efof, pointing to the corpse of one of the creatures they'd seen on the Blue Dwarf.
Rufus ran his Psi-scanner over the animal. "They genetically engineered these here." He said. "They must have got loose."
Efof bent down to pick up a clump of copper coloured hair that was blowing in the breeze.
They picked their way over the dead bodies and headed towards the large factory which dominated he skyline. On top it has a large antenna for communicating with the JMC's new secret base.
There were no guards guarding the building, all were dead and their corpses lay next to more of the strange creatures.
"Did anyone bring any torches?" Efof asked as they entered the dark factory. Suddenly the entire large room was illuminated, they all turned to see Davie pulling a big switch labelled "power".
"Ahh, good thinking!" Said Efof.
"I'm not so sure about that." Said Rosette, pointing to the machinery that had also started powering up. It was a conveyor belt that seemed to pass through a large chamber in the middle.
The noise however had attracted an unwelcome guest. One of the genetically modified creatures swung down from an overhead railing, and landed in front of them. Without wasting a second, Davie shot the creature and it fell back onto the conveyor belt where it travelled into the machine in the centre.
Rufus rushed up to the machine, and pressed buttons on a control panel.
Behind him, Rosette asked "What does it do?" Whilst Efof placed his ear against the machine to see if he could hear what was going on inside.
"It c-c-c-converts things into s-s-s-s-something else." Said Rufus.
After about a minute, the machine finished, and the conveyor belt started again. Something was coming out of the machine. Efof leaped back and got his gun ready, they didn't know what sort of monster the creature could have turned into. Presumably something worse, possibly more hideous than the thing that went in.
"Transmogrification complete." Announced the computer.
They waited, and after a few seconds a single Human figure travelled out of the machine on the conveyor belt. Standing upright, the Human woman was totally naked. Naked except for a pair of Stiletto heels.
"Castillo?" Rosette asked.
Efof's eyes were wide, staring at her naked body. "Look what Justin's missing!" he said with a grin.
With a hand on her hip, the naked Castillo walked over to a rack containing several hundred items of identical clothing, and pulled out a packet of galloise cigarettes from the pocket and started to smoke them.
Rosette was about to step forward, but something else happened. Large TV screens flickered to life, showing a scene that only Castillo was familiar with. It was the JMC Board of directors. Each of them were shrouded in darkness but the silhouette of their bodies could be seen.
The team from the Blue Dwarf hid out of sight, and watched.
Efof ducked behind a pillar, and noticed more of the copper coloured hair on the floor. Or was it fur?
"Bonjour!" Said Castillo.
"Castillo!" One of them said, their voice being transmitted through the monitors. "We thought the factory had been compromised."
Castillo was quiet, she simply puffed her cigarette.
The board of directors continued. "Our plan is almost complete. The JMC have taken over the entire galaxy. There's only one starship that resists us, the JMC Blue Dwarf-"
That was when Rosette sprang to action. "That's just 'Blue Dwarf' now." She said, jumping out of the shadows with her gun pointing at Castillo's head. "We don't like the first few letters any more."
"What's going on?" Cried one of the board, peering through the TV screen.
"Mon dieu!" Cried Castillo.
Rosette was preparing to say something menacing and witty to the board of directors when Castillo started to judder. Her skin started to bubble and she dropped to her knees. Her flesh bulged and eventually she exploded, spraying grey goo all over the team.
"What happened?" Rosette asked.
Rufus already had his PS-scanner out. "The t-t-t-t-transmogrification didn't h-h-hold. It was only programmed for one s-s-s-species."
Efof held up the clump of brown fur he'd picked up off the floor. But all eyes were on Rufus. He'd found the communication device they'd been sent there to retrieve and was already reprogramming it.
"I've f-f-f-found the location they're b-b-broadcasting from. I can also adjust the p-p-p-picture."
The figures on the TV screen were no longer dark shadows. It was as if a light had been cast on them, revealing not Human faces but hairy ape-like faces.
"The K-K-K-K-Kinitawowi." Rufus said. "A race of G-G-G-GELF bred to be quartermasters on d-d-d-deep space s-s-s-starships..."
Their thick copper-coloured fur didn't however cover their look of disgust. "Slaves!" Shouted the Kinitawowi on the screen. "We were used as slaves by the JMC, but now look who's in control. We are! The Kinitawowi are now in control of the entire JMC, and are going to rule the galaxy!"
Efof felt two thuds hit the ground outside. He peered out of the entrance and saw two dropships embedded into the pavement. Doors opened on each side of the ships and an army of furry Kinitawowi came towards them, brandishing large curved swords.
"I think it's time to go." Efof said, pushing everyone further into the factory. "I hope this place has another exit."
Kinitawowi poured through the door running after them.
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