Seymour's new wheels

Who: Seymour, Keto
Where: Blue Dwarf, Medibay
When: After the mutant creature attacked, and while the team were on the planet

Seymour pushed himself up on his bed using his arms, resisting the sickening urge to look down at his legs which were now nothing more than stumps.
“What in the name of Cabernet Sauvignon is that?” He said in disgust, as Keto wheeled a rickety wheelchair up to his bed.
“Your new wheelchair. Problem?” Keto snapped.
“Yes there IS a problem.” Seymour said. “That... 'thing' looks like it's from the 1930's, and it looks like it's about to fall to pieces. We're living in a future of space travel, planetary colonisation and self-opening wine bottles, surely you could have found something a little more... modern?”

Keto sighed. “Well you didn't let me use the ointment...”
“No, absolutely not.” Seymour said quickly. “No ointment, especially not any of your so called 'leg growing' ointment that you promised me. I might end up growing limbs willy nilly out of parts of my body that don't need them. Plus I saw the label drop off yesterday and I'm not sure you put it back onto the correct cannister. Who knows what ointment I'll end up with?”
Keto shrugged. “Suit yourself.” And pointed to the wheelchair.
“Isn't there anything a bit more... glamorous?” Seymour said. “Can't one of our scientists at least invent something better?”
“Everyone has much better things to do.” Said Keto. “Especially me. I can't just call up the JMC medical any more and order something. We're on our own, alone in deep space, hiding from a galaxy full of Nazis who want to kill us.”

But Seymour was defiant. He folded his arms and Keto took away the wheelchair. Seymour picked up his watch which showed Holly's floating head waiting for him to say something.
“Good morning Holly, would you be so good as to put me through to the Queen of England please?”
“Who?” Said Holly.
“Brittany. She was in here earlier. You'll probably find her propping up the bar.” Holly was silent for a while, and Seymour began to get impatient. “Oh can you just tell her to meet me in the Arboretum in one hour?”
Holly nodded.

Who: Seymour, Brittany
Where: Arboretum
When: One hour later

Brittany watched as Seymour pushed himself on the wheelchair towards her, huffing and puffing and moaning about how hard it was.
“New wheels?” She teased him.
“Can you believe this is the best that medieval doctor could come up with?” He spat.
Brittany wasted no time in cutting to the chase. “The British Prime Minister wants me to leave this ship or he'll send in a team of simulants to kill everyone.”
Seymour nodded. “Hmm, he probably wants you to show your support to the JMC. Does he also want you to get married and have a baby?”
She nodded.
“A royal marriage will distract everyone from the evil things the JMC are doing.” Seymour admitted. “You can't leave, you're the best weapon we have!”

“Why have you called me here Seymour?” Brittany said, looking around at the ruined Arboretum.

“Good question-” Said Seymour, when his phone started ringing to the tune of 'god save the queen'. Brittany looked embarrassed.
“Yes, hello Amber. Sorry, Captain.” He said through the phone. “You've detected a Mollopod ship approaching? It looks like a large McDonalds? Okay good, one question - does it have a drive through?” He paused as he waited for an answer. “Jolly good, that means it's not here to attack us.”

Through the cracked window above them, the Mollopod ship came into view. Both Brittany and Seymour began to shimmer from the teleportation device and disappeared, leaving only the wheelchair behind.

Who: Brittany, Seymour and some Mollopods
Where: Mollopod spaceship

Brittany looked around. “This is what the inside of a Mollopod spaceship looks like? Why are they serving burgers?”
“Mollopods like to eat.” Seymour said and approached the head chef. “Are you Captain Marzu?”

The fat slug-like creature finished chewing his burger and swallowed, before extending a stubby sweaty hand out to him. Seymour winced as he took it. “I've brought you Queen Brittany.”

All the Mollopods on the ship bowed to her, and Brittany looked confused.

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