Clad in an armoured EVA suit, Cassandra nervously paced the cramped confines of the Starbug's ready room, her boots clumping heavily on the plate floor as the little craft hurtled at maximum burn towards Callisto
Unlike most of her companions onboard who were lounging around, reading, napping, or watching the episode of 'Leave it to Reaver' that was playing on the main screen, she lacked even the most basic of martial training - and by rights should have been millions of kilometres away from the space battle that was raging around them, and definitely not out with the away team destined for an assault on the JMC headquarters at the very centre of Jupiter
She was absolutely shitting it
"Smegging madness..." she muttered to herself, slipping a cig between her lips and sparking it up
Exhaling smoke, she paced back across the room, sending a neural command to the two hulking LED units standing mute and dark in one corner, cycling through their status feeds, and checking power and ammo levels for what must have been the twentieth time
Satisfied, she engaged both units and powered through various targeting procedures, tracking the unit's arm mounted weaponry across the room
"Pack it in Jones. Those things give me the creeps"
Both units wheeled to target LaChance with frightening speed, driven by Cassandra's own neural impulses enhanced by onboard AI's, before Cass overrode the kill twitch reflex and stood the units down
"Necessary protection" she smiled at the irony of the understatement "Were not all as martially experienced as you..."
"Body armour's 'necessary protection'" Rosette sneered, thumping a fist against her own EVA suit "Not a couple of armoured, walking Heavy Death Machines, or whatever it is you call them"
"Light Elimination Devices" Cass reminded her patiently "Expendable war units"
Rosette raised her eyebrows
"Aren't we all?" she observed archly "Got to say though: They don't look 'light' to me; but since they're going to be fighting alongside us what are their specs? How do they work?"
"It's..." Cass started, wondering how to describe what she had done to herself "It's like I have three bodies... I see what they see... I react for them, but the onboard AI covers for a lot as well..."
"How?" Rosette asked, her brow furrowing "How's that even possible?"
"I ...upgraded certain neurological functions while I had access to Keto's medical nanites" Cass breezed, dismissively waving the question aside
"Anyway" she continued "Spec: Grade three fusion reactors powering arm mounted heavy beam weapons. Akagiyama missiles, nine mil duralloy plate, full spectrum sensors..."
Rosette whistled softly
"You've been busy these last couple of weeks, haven't you?"
The corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched upwards, but whatever it was that she was going to say was left unsaid as the intercom chimed and the pilots' voice crackled over the speakers
"Positions! Brace for insertion!"
One or two of the accompanying marines snickered at this as the bug looped over into deceleration, inertial dampers kicking in hard
"Oh shit" Cass moaned, scrambling over towards a vacant acceleration couch

This was it, they were going in...

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