Pancake saboteur

Justin tried a different tactic. In the condensation of the stasis booth's glass, he started to write. 
Dennis blinked and couldn't believe what he was seeing as letters formed right in front of him. 
“Call Captain Amber. There's a JMC saboteur onboard.”
<end snip>

Who: Justin
Where: Blue Dwarf
When: During the battle

Justin's scenery changed as he realised he'd been snatched back by Kara, and materialised again in the holographic control room.
“I thought I told you to stay where you were?” Kara said, and gave Justin a shock for his deceit.
“I've got something important for you to do.” Kara said, pressing some buttons and sending Justin into the Engineering control centre. A series of explosions rumbled through the ship and sparks came out of a console nearest to him. An engineer ran straight through Justin's holographic body and put out the fire which was starting on the console. There weren't any windows in the room he was in, but Justin could see the battle wasn't going very well.

Kara was going to make it even worse.

“You're still invisible” Kara said, her voice coming directly into his head despite her still being in the holographic control room. “But I've made your fingers hardlight, you can touch things, but nobody will see you. The perfect saboteur!”
“You can't make me do anything!” Justin said, folding his arms. “I'm Chief Engineer... or was... I don't want to sabotage my own ship!”
Just then, his arms stretched out in front, he had no control over them. “Oh yes I can!” Kara said, her sweet Scottish accent turning sinister.
“Dammit!” Justin said as he started pressing buttons. “What are you making me do? Oh... oh no!” He said as he realised.

Outside, the Blue Dwarf flew side by side with two Mollopod ships. All three were firing on the Nazi-JMC ships, until the Blue Dwarf stopped.
“No... you can't make me...” Justin tried to fight against Kara who was controlling him, but he couldn't. His index finger extended and pressed the final button.

The Blue Dwarf's turrets changed direction and started firing on the Mollopod ships. Catching one from behind, it exploded into a ball of flames. The other spun around to see what was happening.

“What is this deception?!” Said the Mollopod captain in the bistro-shaped spaceship, then started to fire on the Blue Dwarf.

<OOC – Does someone want to stop Justin? Or at least target the weapons at the enemy!>

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