The Callisto portal

"Positions! Brace for insertion!" 
One or two of the accompanying marines snickered at this as the bug looped over into deceleration, inertial dampers kicking in hard
"Oh shit" Cass moaned, scrambling over towards a vacant acceleration couch
<end snip>

Who: Efof, Rufus, Rosette, Cassandra, Davie, KAI 79DB5 99XBQ
Where: Callisto, Jupiter's moon
When: During the battle

The Starbug landed in the small JMC base on Callisto much to the confusion of the few guards who lined up as the green craft's door opened. They didn't notice the grenade which was being flushed out of the Starbug's toilet and dropped out of the extraction hatch nearby. The explosion sent them all flying, allowing the Blue Dwarf's team to depart.
“That was easy.” Efof said.
“They probably don't want too many guards here, it'll looks suspicious.” Rosette said.

They pushed forward and found the room with the toilet, that Davie had found on his recon mission.
“A toilet?” Rosette said, “Is this it?”
“Actually guys, I do need to go... so... could you all just wait outside?” Efof said unzipping his flies.
“There's no time for that!” Davie said, and flushed the toilet to open up the secret passage.

The shining portal shimmered with the same oranges and browns as the surface of Jupiter. “It leads straight into the HQ.” Rufus said, holding up his Psi-scanner.

A laptop placed atop a portable table activated, and the screen blinked on to show the shodowed figures of the JMC Board of Directors. “So close, yet so far!” They said in unison, and underneath the laptop several LEDs started to light up, ontop of several blocks of explosives. A timer started counting down from 10 seconds.

“This is enough explosives to destroy half of Callisto, including the portal.” The Board of Directors explained.
9 seconds.
“As you've all already resigned, this probably won't mean much to you, but we're going to say this anyway...”
8 seconds.
“You're all fired.”
7 seconds.

<OOC – Can someone please stop the bomb? Or if you can't, can you find somewhere to survive the blast at least? >

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