OOC - Awards & the return of SOTM

OOC - Hello everyone, one of the advantages of moving BD to OngoingWorlds is the awards that we can give to each member. So I though it's about time we started doing it!
I've created an award called "Movers and & the shakers" - I know it's a silly name, I was going to call it "removal men and a group of people suffering from Parkinson's Disease" but I thought that was just a bit too wordy. This will be an award for helping to push the story along.
If you're not sure what to do to push the story along, either make it up, or ask me and I'll give you some ideas. Half of the time I only have a rough idea what should happen or where we should be heading towards, and I'm hoping someone else will step in with a new story twist.

I've given this award to 2 people for great posts this week:
Congratulations Davie Jones & Andy/Cassandra/Brittany

We used to have a monthly award called SOTM (simmer of the month). We used to give this out to the best contributor of the month, and the person who worn it had to choose the person to award it next time. A few years ago we forgot to do it and lost track of whose turn it was.
So now, I'm bringing it back!
On the last day of this month I'll award SOTM to the member who I feel has contributed a lot to the story of BD over the month.

Any comments, feedback, suggestions for award ideas and names? Email me or reply to this post!

Thanks everyone :-D

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