A brush with Destiny

"My name is Destiny Macleod ," and she turns to leave.

"Oh thats nice dear...now could you find me some underwear ..i'm a bit cold.."

Dennis noticed he was talking to an empty space. A shame really. She seemed like a really nice person.

"Harold?!" he called to the computer. No response.

"Harvy? Hubert? Harry? Blast it.. You, talking wall..answer me!"

Hollys face popped backup on the wall monitor.

"What?..and the name is Holly!"

"No my name is Dennis..anyway..the young woman who was in here..where did she go?"

"Dunno. Cant be bothered to find her. Besides..You need to put some clothes on. There's a storage locker over there. Put something on before you knock someone out with that.."

"With what?" said Dennis as he moved to the locker.

"with your...oh never mind.."

"Oh computer..can you give me a history of the where i am? I have the feeling that I may be here for sometime."

As Dennis dressed, Holly gave him an overview of the ships history, from the encounter with the Clarkson Breathern, to the incident with the GELF chickens , the time fridge..

"Stop there..time fridge?"

"Yeah built by Phil Febuggure, father of Amber Keats-Febuggure...the captain of this ship..It's still locked in his lab. No-one can get in. Not even Amber & Rufus"

"But I know about this Phil. I think yes..i remember now..reading about the fridge , how unstable it was...and something about a midget with a goat fixation"

"Ahh yes Mini-Phil..no-one knows what happened to him. We think he died, apprantly the women's locker room keeps seeing images of a ghostly midget rubbing his legs.."

"He was a clone of the regular Philip yes?"


"I intend to find him and bring him back from the realm he is in"

"What Phil? But he's dead?"

"No..the small one..I must have access to the fridge..and the midget is my key to my salvation! I must find this midget...the time fridge must be unlocked!"

"Er Dennis..did you bang your head at all..because you are stating to scare me.."

Holly sent a quiet message to both security and to Amber and anyone else who might be able to do something as Dennis shambled off into the main area away from the stasis bay.

"Tarten Alert! Tarten Alert! A mad man is trying to bring MP back from where ever he has gone. He wants the Time Fridge. His name is Dennis Cardinal and he may be naked"

OOc: damm sorry for not continue sooner. Simply forgot even after being reminded. I shall wear the hat of shame for the rest of the day.

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