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Summary: Dead.

Davie Jones (Deceased)

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Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Security Dept & Ship Defence


Human, Blood Type O



Physical Appearance

He is well built and fit, although physically aged a few years ahead of his actual age by nearly continuous physical strain. He has scars that stretch across the left side of his face and upper body that he will usually avoid answering question about, but when pushed into a corner will insist he received in a car accident when a drunk driving a VW hover-bus crashed into his car at turn signal. The real story, (something which people in general have rarely heard, and the reason he refuses to speak about how received the scars), is that some one he cared very deeply for was killed in attempt on both of their lives, (the attempt that gave him the scaring), which he later avenged, brutally, before deciding to 'give up' being a mercenary and start a small business on the Blue Dwarf, a plan that fell through when the JMC denied his ship board business permit. He has long, dark hair and dark eyes, save for the left, which changes color periodically. He been letting his facial hair grow, to a point, due to the lack of proper shaving equipment on board the three million year old Dwarf. He generally dresses in darker colors, depending on his local, such as black, dark brown, or green.

Personality and Interests

Optimistic, generous, and frank. He has a bit of a short temper (which tends to get him into trouble), particularly during combat or survival situations, but normal tries, at least, to be considerate and kind, something which can show through at the strangest of times more than at other times. He likes his privacy, and prefers greatly to live by himself in a private room, although recently that hasn't been much of an option. As a mercenary, he'd only accept 'jobs' that fit own personal criteria and code of honor. He likes reading, AR games, movies, on his spare time between tweaking his weapons and trying to survive on the three-million-year-old Dwarf.


His past is something that very few know about, and those that do know very little at that. (which by most accounts are as far back as anyone can find), as a mercenary for the Space Corps, He officially became part of a Mercenary group hired and trained in part by the Space Corps Black Ops Division at the age of 17, something for which they gave him training in 'Special Operations Techniques' to a certain extent to ensure that his 'jobs' went smoothly and tat he knew what he was doing, until the age of 25, when the Space Corps dropped them for another team of 'War Dogs', after which he went in business for himself, freelancing for the JMC and Space Corps conducting "sensitive damage control missions", of which he was very particular in accepting, only talking on jobs that fit his specific code. At one time he was losing vision in his left eye, due the aforementioned 'incident' at the age of 27, but recently though, he was given a dose of one of Keto's ointments that was 'mislabeled' by an April fooling Skutter, which mutated his eye to the point that he can see out of it. Kinda. His vision out of the left eye can change from being normal, to seeing heat patters, chemical trails, energy signatures, and sometimes being blind again, depending on his physical conditions and the chemical levels in his body.

Favourite Sayings

"You feeling froggy, jump..."
"Try smuggling a gun into a Space Corps prison while carrying it in your stomach and then ask me if I feel hungry..."
"Next time you send someone to kill me make sure I'm home first."
"You do know which end the bullets come out of, right?"
"What do you mean 'How does it work'? Pull the pin, change hands and duck!"

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Image of Davie Jones (Deceased)
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