The key to the city

Then Jay and Davie looked at the knees of the Hurak and saw the plates over the knee were pushed out and a yellow swollen ball behind each knee plate was pulsating. Jay spoke up and said, "Well I''l be. Jaxx was right it looks like the buggers keep their balls on their knees." Just them Whitewolf and Phil approached the thick cover they were hiding behind
<end snip>
“Untie the Ssala..” Jay said, not taking his eyes off the fallen Haruk. White Wolf nodded and darted over.
“Relax dude!” Jaxx said seeing the stern expression on Jays face. “The dudes dead!”
“Then why…” said Jay, is he breathing?”
The Haruk stirred, and yanked the arrow out of his mouth. Blood spurting out as he did so.
“Smeg…” Jay said “I KNEW it was too easy! Everyone scatter!”
The blue-skinned creature clambered to it’s feet, furious now, and began lunging wildly at the Dwarfers, Jay drew another arrow from his quiver and loaded it into the bow Jamie had given to him, presumably because Jay had lost the bow he’d made earlier in the story that if Onion was paying any attention would have realised. He pulled pack on the string, but quickly abandoned his shot when the Haruk hurled a large log at him.
Jay dived to one side, narrowly missing the log, he rolled across the ground, and stumbled to his feet.
Davie swing the pole at the Haruk again, this time the Haruk grasped the pole in his fist, and lifted Davie, who still clung tightly to it clean off the ground, he punched Davie, hard, right in the face, shattering his jaw, then tossed him into the air. One the descent, he caught Davie by the throat, and smashed him, head first into a rock, shattering his skull.
“You….utter…shitbag!” Phil squeaked.
Then spotted Jay gesturing from behind the creature, before climbing a tree.
Phil nodded, and tested out his favourite tried, tested, and 99% of the time useless, battle tactic. He pointed behind the Haruk, and yelled “What’s that over there!” The Haruk, remarkably, actually turned to look, but then immediately turned back to Phil, and shrugged his shoulders. “Oh bloody hell, just follow me…” Phil threw his hands into the air in frustration, and ran past the Haruk toward Jay, and running past Jay’s tree. Jay, waited until the Haruk passed underneath, then leapt from the branch onto the creatures back. He hooked his bow around it’s throat, hooking his elbows around either end, pulling upward as hard as he could. Choking the creature. – at least, that was the plan, the beast barely stirred. And this was supposed to be a weak one. So Jay did one last ditch attempt and defeating the Haruk.
He placed his hands over it’s eyes.
The Haruk panicked, unable to see, and ran, full speed trying to shake the human off, which he managed, or so he thought. Jay actually jumped off the creatures back at the last possible second, before the Haruk, eyes now open, ran into a tree, unable to stop in time, and knocking itself unconscious.
“Kill the smegger!” Phil said, running over.
“No!” Jay said “Wolfie, bring those ropes over…let’s hog tie this fucker..”
“Jay, this bastard just KILLED Davie!”
“I know…but I’ve got an idea.”
“What?” Phil snarled.
“According to Jamie, this guy desperately want’s to join the upper-caste Haruk in the city right?”
“And the only way to do that is to bring them more slaves, right?”
“Then, we convince this guy to take us in, pretending our hands are tied, fully armed. We get inside, and he gets what he wants…”
“You think you can negotiate with this guy?”
“No, but if we can take him back to the Ssala, theres a chance Jamie can speak their language, or at least the Ssala can translate…if we can’t convince him..we’ll wave Jamies gun in his face…come on, lets find the others..”

Jay at one end, Jaxx at the other they hoisted the pole carrying the unconscious Haruk onto their shoulders. The weight was immense, and the Haruk was so large that even being carried by Jay and Jaxx, not the shortest of people, his arse still dragged across the ground. It was going to be a long walk...


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