OOC - Update

<OOC: Sorry Jaxx, I'd been thinking up a post all day and you got in there just before I sat down to write it! I've been waiting all day for an opportunity to post (the first I've had in weeks), your post was fine, but I really wanted to post something and didn't want to sit here for an hour thinking up another idea and I needed the dude alive as Jays way to get into the city!

Also - Re killing Davie - the guy's not posted in over 6 months, so I took the decision as a moderator to remove him from the group - if he wants to come back, I'll think of something.<OOC>

No biggie I was hoping to get a post from you earlier since the other group was ahead of us. I just wanted to add a silly weak spot on the Haruk so I added their balls are located just above the knee cap and behind a flap of armor. Sorry about Davie, I liked him as an NPC. Just out of curiosity is Bedge and Eric Croft out of the picture as well?

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