Right in the Daddy Bags

Jaxx and Phil quickly split up.

"NO, No, no!" Hissed Jay as he saw they were already messing the plan.

The Hurak hesitated for a moment as the two split up, but quickly gave chase after Jaxx, since the part shark made him look like a much better adversary for a beating.

Jaxx veered in back toward Jay & Davie, aiming to run directly between the two of them, While Phil just continued running wildly off in another direction, kinda like chicken with it's head cut off.

The Rotund hamster, who was hiding behind a tree in order not to be seen by any of them, quickly snapped his arm out and almost comically clothslined Phil, knocking him out.

White Wolf quickly knelt to make sure he was alright while whispering to Phil, "So sorry old boy! But I can't have you accidentally running into that pair of Hurak on patrol a ways back."

Then the outsized hamster stealthily scampered off, to find another place from which he could observe the ensuing fight between the foursome ahead while avoiding detection by them.

Jaxx did his best to stay ahead of the Hurak as he ran towards the direction Jay and Davie where hiding. Jaxx muttered, "Not cool! Not cool! Not cool man!" as he ran like his life depended on it. Suddenly Jaxx saw the log he needed to jump over to reach Jay and Davie. Jaxx thought to himself, "Don't trip. Don't trip. Don't trip. Don't trip. Don't trip. Don't trip. Don't trip." Then Jaxx jumped over the log with plenty of clearance only to see a smaller bundle of sticks waiting for him to land on. "OH MAN!" , thought Jaxx as he tripped on his landing and rolled for quite a while till he was able to stagger to his feet.

The Hurak saw Jaxx was in trouble and jumped over the same log, only this time the Hurak was greeted by Davie smashing the Hurak's knees with a Jaxx's metal pipe. Davie prepared for an other attack but the Hurak just stood there frozen. The Hurak was leaning over holding his knees in a state of shock. The Hurak was to stunned to move as it had trouble breathing and green tears began leaking from its eyes. Davie took the opportunity to baseball swing the Hurak across the face to knock him on his back. The impact was solid and the Hurak staggered up as his legs began to wobble. Jay took this time to fire an arrow straight into the Hurak's mouth to finish him off.

The Hurak slowly fell on his back dead. As the Hurak hit the ground it made a heavy thud. "That was unexpected," said Davie as he looked the Hurak over. "I'll say. What was that all about?" said Jay. Jaxx walked over and joined the other two to examine the dead Hurak. Just then Jaxx began giggling to himself. "Something on your mind Jaxx?" ,asked Jay. Jaxx nodded as he said, "Yeah man. When soldier dude hit the blue dude in the knees his face looked like he got nailed in the daddy bags most harshly." Jaxx continued to giggle as Jay and Davie looked at each other with a similar thought.

Then Jay and Davie looked at the knees of the Hurak and saw the plates over the knee were pushed out and a yellow swollen ball behind each knee plate was pulsating. Jay spoke up and said, "Well I''l be. Jaxx was right it looks like the buggers keep their balls on their knees." Just them Whitewolf and Phil approached the thick cover they were hiding behind.

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