What's a Hamster to do? Plenty!

“Have we quite finished?” Snapped Seymour, not entirely unlike a very weary, very angry, headmaster.

Alex rubbed his jaw. “Yeah. Carry on.”
“How kind of you to grant us permission.”
Niples rolled his eyes and turned away to Jamie.
“That man has a brain of pure horse excrement” he muttered.


Jamie started hissing and gesticulating, his hands quite clearly describing a large animal pooping.
“No! Don't translate that bit!”
{end Snip}

White Wolf sat off to the side watching Seymour, Jamie and Ssala 'talk'. Unfortunately, He was finding it less interesting than he'd hoped it would be.

Yes, He kinda got the gist of Ssala's language from observing Jamie's interaction with them. But for some strange reason, he wasn't excited by the discovery of something new like that than he'd normally be.

He wondered for a moment if the sheer novelty of discovery was wearing off on him.

He thought to himself, "Well, since I've wrapped around this universes timeline a few times... And I think just about anyone is bound to get a little jaded after seeing practically everything become repeatable like silly arsed movie theater showing. And yeah, I messed around with all kinds of options in the causality stream - but was I doing that because I was bored or just scientific curiosity?"

Frowning slightly, as he continued his mental debate, "Alright, alright - I have to admit messing with Phil and all that was funning. It didn't really accomplish much, but bloody 'ell, some of it felt so damned good!"

He glanced around quickly as he caught himself almost laughing out loud and thought, "Opps! I've got to keep it together. Shouldn't give the others any more reasons to doubt me. It's bad enough some of them discount me as much as Seymour..."

He gave a mental sigh, before he continued his thoughts, "So is this all there is left for me? To ebb away like so much dust on the wind, slowly losing interest in stuff until I get like the holo of Justin Pancake? Or WORSE - turn out like Phil?"

He quickly shrugged and mentally concluded, "Nah. I've got more stuff I could do! Perhaps I could go find Candy or something. Hmm, why don't I go clobber some Haruk? Yeah, a little 'covert ops' might do me some good. Besides, those four need some back up. And I really want to see if I can keep Phil & Jay alive a lot longer than they usually survive to see just how cheesed off I can make Brit this time through and screw with her day even more. Particularly after her stealing all that Roo technology from me while she tortured me so long at her effing 'STCP HQ' farce of hers..." He glanced down at his paws extending his claws to examine them briefly. "Hmm, I better go find something to sharpen my claws with first - the Haruk necks don't look that easy or quick as humans to snap."

The six foot one inch hamster got up, dusting himself off and noticed Efof was looking right at him in askance.

"Umm, I still am feeling some of the effects of the soup. Just tell everybody I'm taking a little constitutional. Oh and do me another favor, make sure you tell Candy everything is alright and keep an eye on the group for me, alright?" Said White Wolf to Efof before waddling off into the forest underbrush.

[Some time later]

After picking up their scent, and spending some time tracking them while avoiding the other Harak he smelled along the way, White Wolf quietly comes up behind Jay, Jaxx, Phil and Davie. Just in time to catch Jaxx and Phil's floor show...

Phil singing
He's a big pig!

Jaxx Singing
Yep Yep

Phil singing
And you can be a big pig too! Hoooaaahhhh!

The Hurak looked at Jaxx and Phil oddly then dropped his prisoner and began chasing after Jaxx and Phil. Jaxx and Phil screamed as they ran back towards where Jay and Davie were hiding.
{End snip}

Jaxx and Phil quickly split up.

"NO, No, no!" Hissed Jay as he saw they were already messing the plan.

The Hurak hesitated for a moment as the two split up, but quickly gave chase after Jaxx, since the part shark made him look like a much better adversary for a beating.

Jaxx veered in back toward Jay & Davie, aiming to run directly between the two of them, While Phil just continued running wildly off in another direction, kinda like chicken with it's head cut off.

The Rotund hamster, who was hiding behind a tree in order not to be seen by any of them, quickly snapped his arm out and almost comically clothslined Phil, knocking him out.

White Wolf quickly knelt to make sure he was alright while whispering to Phil, "So sorry old boy! But I can't have you accidentally running into that pair of Hurak on patrol a ways back."

Then the outsized hamster stealthily scampered off, to find another place from which he could observe the ensuing fight between the foursome ahead while avoiding detection by them.

{Tag. How does the fight go for Jay, Davie & Jaxx?}

OOC - White Wolf is going to be "Shadowing" Jay, Phil, Jaxx & Davie's group and helping them *WITHOUT* them or the Haruk knowing about it for now.

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