Are You High?

"That long." Jamie pronounced.
"Are these days? he asked. That's only a couple of months... How did you make all this..." he began, but Jamie turned the slate over in his hand, where there was another set of scratches.
"Ok, so 6 months... The question still sta-" Seymour continued, but was cut off again as Jamie made a noise and disappeared into the other room again. He came back this time with an armful of similar pieces of slate, all covered in scratch marks.
"I stopped counting after 2 years, but kept marking..."
"Wow..." was the unanymous response from the group. In front of them were 10 years worth of scratches on pieces of slate. Surprising anyone could find that much slate in a place like this.
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Jaxx tried to count on his fingers and then his toes when Eveline leaned over to him and whispered, “Jaxx you don’t have enough of those to count that high.” Jaxx made a sour face and stopped counting. Then Jaxx whispered to Eveline, “How long has Nature dude been here?” Eveline tried to guess based on the slates she saw and whispered back to Jaxx, “It looks like over five years but I can’t be sure unless I count all of the slates.” Jaxx looked at Eveline with a shocked expression and whispered, “That’s a long time to commune with nature. Do you think Nature dude might be short a few croutons in from a salad?” Eveline shrugged at Jaxx.

As Jaxx and Eveline listened to Jamie explain his life story to the crew Jaxx had a thought slowly stirring in his vacant mind. Hey Nature dude you must know a lot about the lay of the land and the local hot spots huh?” Jamie looked at Jaxx and nodded as he answered, “Well I like to think so. Why do you ask? Are you looking for something?” Jaxx nodded and said, “Well I was wondering if you met anyone who likes to erase minds with psychedelic darts. I lost mind and I was wunderen if a most righteous nature dude like your self could help this humble fish dude.” The crew stopped and looked at Jaxx like he was off his rocker.

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