Soup-er Gift

“Poisonous?” Seymour cringed.
“They'll get really angry if we don't eat it.” Said Jamie.

Seymour turned and gave the bowl to Alex. “Here's some lovely soup for you Mr Solvay” He said.

"Thanks a smeggin' bunch."
"You're very welcome."

Alex looked around at the others' expectant faces. For a moment he considered tipping the 'gift' over Seymour's head.
Hm. Probably not the best idea.
Could he pretend to drop it? Might make them more angry than refusal...

"Come along, Mr Solvay, we're all waiting."
A condescending smile from Niples.

He was about to tell the pompous git where he could stuff his soup, when he noticed Molly's wide eyes.
What would the sss... things... do if he refused?
Phi was nervously jiggling, rubbing her folded arms as if cold, despite the heat. She was scared.

Oh smeggin'ell...

Meh - he'd probably consumed worse. How bad could it be? He'd ingested something Phil had concocted, for smeg's sake.

As he lifted the bowl to his lips, a raise of Jamie's brows caught his eye.

He lowered it again, hopeful.
"You want it?"
The bearded man answered by quietly removing the bowl from his hands.
Alex gave him a grateful nod, perhaps he knew a way out of it.

All eyes were now on Jamie.

Solvay used the opportunity to fumble in his 'trousers' for Phil's flask, and - lesson learned - took a small sip.
"Better" he mumbled, stuffing it away again.

Plisken heard and ran his eyes over him for an instant...
... before turning back to see what Jamie was going to do with the soup.


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