the search continues

Down the halls of Blue Dwarf, Destiny searches. Crawling on all fours,"Lindy! Lindy!" As she is doing this, no one she passes even looks her, "that's just Destiny being Destiny" some said aloud. Since she was searching high and low, well just low, for the little creature, she didn't see Holly rolling towards her and "SMACK!!" Destiny hits her head on Holly's cart. "Ssss, That wasn't fun," she said. "Hey Dude, what are you looking for?" Holly nodded "My pet Lindy, out of all the lizards, she is missing, have you seen any glimpse of her?" she asked wide eyed. Holly waited for a moment "I thought those lizards were for testing new spray on clothing technology?" he raises and eyebrow as Destiny kicks the floor "Well, they were, but...they were so cute! Besides we monkeys...please tell me tell me!" she said clasping her hands together and shuffling her feet. "I think there was something small walking about in the Flight Deck". Destiny hopped a little and wrapped her arms around Holly's screen, "Thank you!" She went running off "Lindy! this is no way for a Lizard mom to be, to be acting!"

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