My Little Gelf:Friendship is smegging brilliant

Kara just grinned, and set the explosive timer for 5 minutes, knowing that an explosion the size of the Blue Dwarf could destroy the JMC HQ at this distance, so waited until they were safely through the wormhole.

** 5 mins or so before hand **

Dennis was sat in the security "waiting" area, watching My Little Gelf with Olaf (one of the random security plebs on the ship..had the nickname "12 inches"..rumors are he has a big toothpick as part of his collection)

Originally, this was meant to punish Dennis for trying to break into the science lab, but he managed to make some form of LSD using nothing but toothpaste, some green goo he found(possibly an ointment from Keto) and his own magnificent brain. As such they were both, in Olaf's words, "trippin more balls then a ball-baring factory" and enjoying the show quite a bit.

"Now i do believe this pink and orange gelf there is going to do something amusing!"

It was at this point that the heat pulse from the star hit the BD and caused the program to end when circuits got fried. . Olaf, all 7foot and pure muscle, did not like his show about MLG:FiS being interrupted and went steaming of to find someone to turn into paste, still high as a kite.

It took Dennis a minute to realize the door was left open. He could make a run for it. But the heat pulse caused his addled brain to think of something. There was rumors this ship had access to a wormhole device. (By Rumors ..Olaf told him). Combined with the Time Fridge, this meant that this ship was litteraly the most dangerous ship in the entire known universe...

Stumbling out the facility, saying hello to what he thought was a purple giraffe, he made his way to where he needed to go..The Command Deck.

Then something happened that almost flushed all the chemicals he had consumed out his system in one go.


Here is his thought process.

"Hmm lovely Giraffe there.."
"Oh wow i can see wait that's a mirror."
"Why can i feel the side of my body being pulled to the left.."
**looks out a window to the left**
"Hmmm nice wormhole effect there..This is a good trip"
".....oh no.....OH NO!!!!"

For the first time in what seemed forever he ran thinking clearly for the first time in years. "Satan, Buddah, Geldof....let me get there on of you buggers owe me!"

Sadly this was to no-avail.. The BD was picking up speed and geting closer to the event horizon of the wormhole. By his estimation he had little more than 5 seconds till the ship crossed the point of no return. Even if..Wait a sec..5 seconds...that was a stupid amount of time..and he stopped running and sat down. Then held into a table nearby. Then soiled himself at the thought of what was about to happen.

Things were about to get VERY interesting

From the outside the BD seemed to go for a breif nano-second, faster then light as it passed the point where normal space was king and WH space took over.

The Blue Dwarf had crossed the horizon and was now in the wormhole

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