The giant unstoppable wormhole

“No... you can't make me...” Justin tried to fight against Kara who was controlling him, but he couldn't. His index finger extended and pressed the final button.
<end snip>

Who: Justin
Where: Main Engineering
When: After the battle

Justin watched through the window as all the enemy JMC ships were destroyed by the direct stream of sun energy that was streaming out of the wormhole. He wondered why they'd never used the wormhole as a weapon like that before.

He felt his body jerk back towards the control console. “What are you doing? The battle is over!” He shouted to Kara, who was controlling him remotely from another location.
“No it isn't, I've still got my orders!” She said, and forced him to press some more buttons.
“These are the controls for the wormhole” Justin said as his fingers flew over the buttons.

He tried to resist. “No... I.... can't...”

Outside the wormhole disappeared, and then appeared right next to the Blue Dwarf. The blinding sun energy was coming straight out towards them. The insides of the star splurged out of the wormhole and were fired like a flamethrower at the Blue Dwarf.

As a hologram, Justin didn't feel the heat, but he saw everything around him start to heat up. A glass of cold tea on the desk next to him started to boil, and all around him the engineers started to gasp and then collapse.

“I... can't.... allow this...” He said, trying to fight against Kara.

His hand moved slowly from his own free will. “It's working!” He said, as he was starting to regain control.
Before the buttons melted he pressed the right ones he needed and started entering new coordinates for the wormhole.
“What are you doing?” Kara said, a voice in his head.
“I'm cancelling the wormhole bitch!” He said back.

Kara materialised in front of him, clearly worried about what he was doing. “Stop it!” She shouted.
“No way!” He said, and pressed the final button. The wormhole cancelled and the heat rapidly dropped. Outside the window there was nothing.

She started pressing buttons on the computer next to him, overriding his commands. “I'm stopping you.”
Justin turned to punch her. He didn't like hitting girls (unless they were a bit kinky and they asked him) but Kara was a bitch, and also dead so he didn't mind. His fist went straight through.
“Soft light remember.” Kara said without taking her eyes off the controls. “Aha!” She said, and activated a new wormhole.

Outside, another wormhole opened. This one didn't tunnel through to the inside of a star however, it was a big tunnel to somewhere else. But it was massive.
“I've used 300% power!” Kara said. “You'll never be able to cancel that, it's the biggest wormhole we've ever created!”

This was true. The hole in space was so big that it made the Blue Dwarf look like a tiny insect on the edge of a giant plug hole. The gravity of the wormhole was so strong that it was sucking their ship towards it, it spiralled around the rim towards the epicentre.

“Where does it go?” Justin asked.
“Far.. far away!” Kara said with a wry smile. “The other side of the galaxy, where we've never been. Where we'll not be a problem to the JMC.”

Justin pressed some buttons, but couldn't do anything. “Bitch! I... I can't stop it!”
Kara grinned. “Good!” But the self-safisfied grin wasn't for this, she also had something else up her sleeve. “But just in case you can, here's a little moral dilemma for yer...”
Justin looked up at her.
“Do you stop us being sucked through the wormhole, or do you stop me from creating a reactor core meltdown?”
She waved and disappeared, leaving Justin alone, wondering what her plans were, but knowing he had to stop her. He started jabbing at the buttons on the computer in front of him, but he couldn't close the wormhole. “Bollocks!” He shouted, but even if he could, was she serious about creating a reactor meltdown? “Smeggy bollocks!” he said. He couldn't stop both.

Over to his left, one of the engineers who had collapsed was getting to his feet. Justin ran over, “You have to help me, Kara McGellan is...” The man walked straight through him. “SMEG!” Justin thought, then remembered the one thing he could do to make people see him.

He ran down to the stasis deck on level 57, and stood in front of the pipe billowing out toxic 'Chrono H5', the gas that seemed to allow people to see him.
He ripped the pipe open and let the gas spill out and cover his entire body.

Now he needed a test. A lizard ran between his legs, and a few seconds later a woman came through the door shouting “Lindy? Lindyyy!” She crashed into him, sending them both flying.
“Oh sorry.” She said. “Have you seen my Lindy? He's a Lizard, about this big.”
“You can see me?”
“Of course, did you see a lizard?”
“You can see me! Fan-smegging-tastic!” Justin said, then stood up and ran off, leaving Destiny unsure what was going on.

Who: Kara, Justin
Where: Reactor core
When: Just after

Justin ran into the reactor observation room, a small room with a glass front that looked out into the reactor chamber, a large room housing the Blue Dwarf's main power source. He could see Kara inside, on one of the metal walkways moving towards the reactor with some sort of bomb in her hands.
Justin looked around the room and grabbed a microphone. “Kara, stop! You'll kill us all!”
Her voice was far away, but he could just hear it. “Everyone on this ship is an enemy of the JMC!” She shouted.
“What about you? You'll die too!”
She pointed to the H on her forehead as if to say “Durr!”
“Your program will be deleted along with the computer core! It's as good as dying.” he said.

Kara ignored him and walked on. “The Board of Directors have a backup of my program. I'll be fine.”
“Smeg!” Justin said for about the hundredth time today, and opened the thick metal door into the reactor chamber.

Kara was right next to the core now, she planted the bomb and stood between it and Justin.
“You can't stop me! I'll delete your program.” She said, taking out her Psi-scanner and pressing some buttons.
Justin paused, expecting himself to disappear but he didn't.
“Chrono H5 interference?” Kara said, looking at the readout. She looked up at him. “What the hell is that?”
Justin shrugged, and lunged for Kara's gun.

However this all seemed a bit too heroic from Justin. The spineless idiot didn't really know what he was doing and very quickly the gun went off when they were locked in an embrace.
Holographic energy started streaming out, the holographic equivalent of blood.

Justin staggered backwards, his chest on fire with the holographic energy. Then he collapsed.

Kara just grinned, and set the explosive timer for 5 minutes, knowing that an explosion the size of the Blue Dwarf could destroy the JMC HQ at this distance, so waited until they were safely through the wormhole.

<OOC – Can anyone stop Kara? I think it's time for her to come to a nasty end, don't you think? It might look like I'm taking liberties with the story here, but apparently this is all official plot – thanks for the ideas Onion! >

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