Loners never cry

As the Starbug launched its self from the next Asteroid, Ryder began to feel sick.
"Okay I think that's enough I'm heading in" He said looking at the distant Blue Dwarf
through the wind screen.

He launched the Starbug towards the next asteroid and off that one, now heading in the direction of the Blue Dwarf.
"As fun as this is I always feel sick after" He said to himself.
Ryder pulled the Starbug near to the hangar bay of Blue Dwarf and then landed inside, pulling the ship to a stop.
"Holly. I'm in the bay, close the hangar door" Ryder said.
Holly, to store up power was not making an appearance on any of the screens.
The hangar door slowly closed and the air shield dropped.

He stepped out and made his way to the dark corridor leading out of the hangar bay
"Holly, could you root some power to the A.R suite. I think I need some time out."
Ryder made his way through the A.R suite door. It was very dark in the room
apart from the lights on the A.R machines.
"Okay, I'll try the pub fight game, that's an entertaining game" Ryder said sitting down in the A.R chair. He linked himself with the control gloves.
And pressed the start button, suddenly the top part of the chair folded down and
he went blank.
"urrrrr" Ryder groaned looking up at the bar tender.
"Can I get you something?" The bar tender asked.
"just a plain pint of beer thanks" replied Ryder.
Ryder looked around the computer generated landscape of the small pub. Then an angry looking man walked over to him.
"Hey you. You ow me something. A lot of money kid."
"Oh really?" shouted Ryder throwing a mighty punch at the man's face.

"PUB FIGHT!" A man shouted, standing up to make his mighty cry.
Suddenly the hole attendance of the pub got up and started to smack each other to bits,
punching and kicking everyone.
"your mistake" the angry man shouted at him returning a kick to Ryder's leg.
"owwwww!" Ryder cried in the "fake pain" covering his leg
"that's it!" said Ryder running towards him giving him a rugby tackle, knocking
the man back.

Suddenly everything went black and Ryder was woken from the artificial reality.
"Oi lazy arse" Holly said appearing on the screen.
"Your under attack, unidentified battle cruiser, attacking the starboard- bowl." she said.
"Well I really hate Sundays" He cried.
"You need back up there are plenty of other people on the ship." Said Holly on Ryder's wrist watch as he ran down the corridor.
"Loners never cry ,Holly".

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