The moving island and the foul-smelling gentleman

Where: The island
When: Before the ship was spotted

“By jove, it IS moving!” Seymour shouted, then when he realised nobody had heard him he ran inland from the beach to find someone.
“Mister Chrysler!” He found Jay standing near Cassandra and Phi, who were spread out on a blanket. “I think we've got a problem.” He then looked towards Phi and Cass. “Sorry ladies, but now isn't the time for sunbathing, there's an island headed right this way.”
Jay almost laughed. “What?”
Seymour nodded and pointed. “I'm jolly well certain that the island a few miles away in the ocean over there has got bigger, which normal laws of the physics means it's got closer.”
Jay squinted as he looked across the ocean. “The one with the volcano?”
“Yes exactly. It's coming this way! The volcano keeps spitting out the occasional jet of smoke too. I think we should leave before it gets here and starts erupting all over us.”
“But it's so pretty here!” Phi said, and Seymour noticed Cass had wandered away somewhere.
“Have you been eating some of those poisonous fruits Seymour?” Jay said. “Islands don't usually move.”
“Well this one does, maybe it's not an island at all, it could be a large whale, or maybe the mother of that creature we killed and ate earlier and it's coming to seek bloody revenge. Or a large shapeshifter jolly well disguised as an island!”

Just then, Davie came up the beach out of the water, still holding his surfboard. “Have you noticed that island's moving towards us? It's creating gnarly waves!”
“See!” Said Seymour. “I bet it's alive!”
Jay squinted again as he looked, and this time Phi joined in staring at the island. “But it's covered in rocks and trees and stuff, if it is some sort of creature it's got the worst complexion I've ever seen.”
“It could be really old.” Said Seymour. “And the trees are some sort of... Haemorrhoids.”
“And the volcano?”
“Its anus. And I dare say its suffering from some bad wind.”
Jay smacked a hand into his face.
“We've seen weirder! Plus it's been 6 million years and we're in deep space. Literally anything could happen!”

And then something did happen.

Cass had no idea what was was going on, but she knew she urgently needed to be with her companions and began a frantic dash through the jungle, back towards the beach; breathlessly emerging a few hundred metres down from where the others were gathered, nervously watching something looping low around behind one of the neighbouring islands, and emerging from around the other side a few seconds later to make a bee-line directly towards them
<end snip>

“Grab some weapons!” Jay ordered, and Seymour picked up a stick.
“No some proper weapons!” Jay shouted, “From the Starbug!”
“There isn't time, it's already landing.”
The ship landed between them and the Starbug. It blew sand into their faces as it descended onto the beach. A hatch opened and a fat man squeezed himself out. The team smelled him before they saw him, and had to cover their noses at the foul stench he created. When they saw him a few of them even felt physically sick, he seemed to be made entirely out of armpits.
His greasy eyes scanned the Humans, and he licked his dirty lips. “Oh what have we got 'ere? Lovely clean Humanoids. He sniffed with his bulbous and warty nose. “Smells lovely, I think I'll wear your skin and boil your organs into deodorant.” He pointed a spear with a dirty sock on the end towards Phi. “Starting with you! Hur-hur-hur!”

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