Gomez: Monkey wrenching around

WHO: Alfredo Gomez
WHERE: Blue Dwarf, Engineering Auxiliary Control Room
WHEN: Whilst the Captain elections are going on.

Gomez had been keeping himself busy in the few days that he'd been back aboard the Dwarf. He'd managed to find a relatively comfortable cabin on the habitation deck that didn't seem to have been ransacked or trashed by the various creatures and creations that had run amok on Blue Dwarf in the intervening millenia. The decor wasn't to his exact tastes, the cabin being decked out in various posters of heavy metal bands but he was glad for the several changes of clothes he'd found in the wardrobe. True, he didn't much like walking around in t-shirts advertising the bands Colostomy Explosion and Rastabilly Skank, but it was a definite improvement to the now somewhat minging jumpsuit he'd been wearing for nearly a month.
On this particular morning, he was in one of the auxiliary engineering control rooms. the Engineering Deck was still too dangerous and unstable to go near, so he and a small group of technicians had been working round the clock to reroute engineering control and all functions to the auxiliary control room. He'd heard some talk going on about electing a new captain, and that the strongest contenders for the position were Seymour and Jay, but he was too busy trying to get Blue Dwarf ship shape and vaguely habitable. He didn't care who his captain was, so long as they promised him life, liberty and adequate toilet facilities. Seeing as he was currently doing his 'business' in a sand bucket he'd found in a storage cupboard on M-Deck, he'd follow anyone into Hell and back if they offered him a pristine porcelain toilet with a soft wooden seat and thick, silky toilet paper.
The O/G Unit his small team had finished installing was a wonder to him. He'd spent the best part of a morning gutting the old unit and removing it from its casing in the wall. The new unit hadn't been designed for a Dwarfstar class vessel, and he was increasingly suspicious that it was a cheap budget version made in Taiwan and not, as the case state, made in the famous technological testing labs of Doncaster. But, with a bit of elbow grease and jiggery-pokery, him and the boys had got it installed and operational. They even had a few screws left over. And some cables. Well, now that he thought about it, there was quite a lot left over. But no matter, the device worked.
His work done, Gomez thought it prudent to get down to business and headed in the direction of the Xpress Lift which would take him down to the main engineering deck. A crew had spent the last week trying to get it habitable and he decided now was about time to see if there was anything he could do to help out down there. Pressing for the Xpress Lift, the door squeaked open and he entered the cosy but cramped capsule. Pressing the button for engineering, he settled down onto a moth eaten arm chair and took the headphones off the skull of a partially dismembered skeleton sat next to him, which was presumably a victim of one of the many horrors that had evolved aboard the ship. He knew that it'd take the best part of an hour for the lift to take him down to the engineering deck, so he plugged the headphones into the socket on the armrest of his chair and pressed the switch for the in-lift movie. He noted with excitement that it was one of his favourite films - 'Aliens vs. Mary Poppins II: The Bitch is Back'.
Gomez remarked to himself that today had been a good day. Getting the O/G Unit installed, the engineering deck getting put back together and now a great in flight movie. This day couldn't possibly get any better.

<TAG: How can his day get any worse? What will Gomez find down in engineering? Any Simulant remnants lying about?>

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