Preparations for a promise

Swathed in the soft folds of a voluminous grey dressing gown, Cassandra padded through from the bathroom into the luxurious expanse of their room, towelling her hair dry as she tracked wet footprints across the carpet
It felt strange to be here, surrounded by the disconcertingly harmonious collision of her and Jay's individual tastes and identities; as thought they had lived here, together, for ages and yet neither of them had any recollection of ever having done so
The fridge full of beer and the sparse minimalism of the décor spoke of two people with a similar outlook, accustomed to travelling alone and living light; and yet there were elements that were unmistakably individual: an x-box and other assorted boys toys for Jay, and decent hair care products, gin, and terminals providing access to vast libraries of scientific research for her
On top of that, there was, they had both noted, only the one bed
Legion had been right, Cass supposed: This was what they both wanted; but they had yet to negotiate the terms of their attraction for each other; and so this prematurely forced co-habitation had made them both somewhat skittish – Jay for example, making himself scarce after only a few minutes, under the pretence of giving her a little privacy, when she had announced that she was going to get ready for dinner

Tossing the damp towel over the back of a sofa, Cass ambled across the room to slide open a wardrobe and extract a selection of clothes for the evening – jeans and a top should...
She stopped, spotting the bed lurking at the edge of her vision and after a moments hesitation, quietly put the clothes she had just selected back into the wardrobe
Given the sleeping arrangements: Whatever was going to happen between her and Jay was going to have to happen tonight, so she guessed she should make a bit more of an effort
Rifling back through the wardrobe Cass eventually settled on a pair of heavy boots and a black dress that in her estimation would send out all the right signals while at the same time hopefully not reminding anyone that she used to work as a stripper – something she was keen to avoid given that lots of guys seemed to think they could just treat you like shit once they knew about that; and while she was pretty certain Jay was different, she did remember him being a regular down at the club she used to work at

After hurriedly drying and straightening her hair, she shrugged her way into the dress and took stock of herself in front of one of the mirrors – even in her own harshly appraisive opinion, she looked pretty damn good, and although her efforts here would probably be rewarded by her being pestered by Justin, Jay on the other hand was in for something of a treat!
A smidgen of dark make-up later and she was out of the door

Legion was waiting for her as she rounded a corner, and silently fell in step beside her as she walked
"I understand your mistrust of my motives" he began "But I derive nothing but satisfaction in providing for your happiness"
Cass glanced at him as she walked
“You're Human originated; the result of top secret research work” she stated bluntly “I extracted that from your systems earlier on – do you want to tell me more, or do I have crack them wide open?”
Legion was silent for a moment
“I suppose you or one of the other higher order intellects would have eventually deduced my nature” he conceded "But you're right; I am as you suggest: The result of top secret research into collective consciousness - a gestalt entity, if you will, composed of the sum of the many minds currently aboard this institute"
"Interesting" Cass nodded "Who commissioned the research, and to what end?"
"I believe it was the Empress Brittany who commissioned the research, but to what end, I have no idea..."
"Oh, now there's a surprise" Cass observed archly
“Hardly” Legion retorted “I know all about you and Brittany”
“Quite” Cass pursed her lips “I take it that without us, you're nothing; hence the null life-sign readings before we came aboard?"
"Again, you're correct - It's a pleasure to have an intellect such as yours aboard once again" Legion replied with an air of evident satisfaction "Far more agreeable than my previous visitors"
Cass stopped
"Previous visitors?" she asked
"Yes..." Legion sounded a little depressed "Four ...smeg-heads, for wont of a better description, in a craft similar to yours, some years back"
"After a fashion" Legion sighed "Or at least one of them was... just"
“So there are others out there?” Cass asked “Do you get many visitors?”
“Hardly ever... But now you and your companions are here" he continued brightly "I'm sure I can look forward to a much more satisfactory arrangement once certain administrative processes have been attended to..."
"Processes?" Cass enquired
"I've already said too much" Legion replied cryptically, as he turned to continue walking down the corridor "I'll elaborate further over dinner; do come..."
"Hang on - Which 'administrative processes' are these?" Cass called, hurrying after him

She was still badgering him a couple of minutes later as they walked into the main communal area where the rest of the crew had assembled for the dinner
"Look" Cass coaxed "I don't think it's unreasonable for you to let me know what your plans are if they involve us..."
Several of the crew-members looked over as they entered, Jay amongst them
"Hello nurse" Justin smirked, automatically detaching himself from his conversation with White Wolf and moving directly over towards her
"..." Jay gaped
Surprised at his reaction, Cass glanced down at herself
"Oh, this..." she muttered, distantly
"I mean: You look great!" Jay beamed, bounding over towards her once he had sufficiently recovered himself
"Yeah, listen Jay: Legion's..." Cass frowned and turned "No, piss off Justin, this isn’t the time!"
"Honoured guests" Legion interrupted, raising his voice above hers "Please be seated; dinner will commence at once!"

Anyone - what happens during dinner?
Justin already knows that Legion wants to keep us here, but what are those "administrative processes" he alluded to?

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