Eat, drink and make merry!

Jay exited the room that Legion had laid on for him and Cass, he too had gotten changed for dinner, and had discarded his nano-suit in favour of a more casual suit, which he wore with an open-collared shirt and no tie. He looked to his right and saw Phil disappearing down the corridor.
“Phil!” he called out, making his friend turn and stop to wait for Jay to catch up. “What you been up to?” Jay asked
“Been to the cyber-park with Justin.”
“with Justin?” Jay scoffed “You’d have had better company if you’d gone with a Hymenoptera exterminator…”
“It wasn’t too bad” Phil said “We went to the Playboy mansion, until he got us thrown out…”
“Doesn’t surprise me…and…don’t you think that’s a little..tacky?”
“You wouldn’t be saying that if you weren’t hooking up with Cass!”
“Who says we’re hooking up?”
“Please, you’re sharing a room…you won’t be able to keep your hands off each do you always manage to get the hot ones eh?”
“I haven’t ‘got’ anyone” Jay said matter of factly “We’re friends, ….and hey, you can hardly talk, Tara was hardly a double-bagger!”
“True dat” said Phil. “But be honest” he continued “what’s the real reason you’re being so coy around Cass? You like her, she likes you…what else do you need?”
“It’s just..” Jay said “We may be the last humans left alive, we’re relying on each other to stay alive,…if anything happened, the last thing we’d need is for it to get…well…awkward…”
“Don’t you think being among the last humans alive, is all the more reason to enjoy something while you can?”
The two men stopped talking as they entered the dining room and joined the others.

"Look" Cass coaxed "I don't think it's unreasonable for you to let me know what your plans are if they involve us..."
Several of the crew-members looked over as they entered, Jay amongst them
"Hello nurse" Justin smirked, automatically detaching himself from his conversation with White Wolf and moving directly over towards her
"..." Jay gaped
Surprised at his reaction, Cass glanced down at herself
"Oh, this..." she muttered, distantly
"I mean: You look great!" Jay beamed, bounding over towards her once he had sufficiently recovered himself
"Yeah, listen Jay: Legion's..." Cass frowned and turned "No, piss off Justin, this isn’t the time!"
"Honoured guests" Legion interrupted, raising his voice above hers "Please be seated; dinner will commence at once!"
<end snip>
Cassandra soon forgot about her apprehensions toward Legion’s motives once she’d settled down to eat.
Legion had laid on an exquisite banquet, of the finest foods from all over the galaxy. It was difficult to not get caught up in it all and after a while she actually began to start enjoying herself.
The group ate fine food, drank plenty of alcohol, and chatted endlessly into the night. No-one was sure whether it was the alcohol, the hospitality of their host, or even just the fact that for the first time in a long time, they were able to relax and have fun, but the group of Dwarfers had never gotten on better. People were even listening to Justin. Jay even found himself laughing at one of his jokes! (At least Jay hoped it was a joke). Even the pompous Seymour seemed to be enjoying everyones company.
Jay was completely unable to take his eyes of Cass, who sat across the table from him the whole time. She looked incredible, I mean, she’d always looked good, even when kicking about in her scruffs. Who had he been kidding, Phil was right, he was smitten, and had been since even before Katrina died.
In the early hours, the group began moving back to their rooms, leaving Jay, Cass and Legion along in the dining room.
“The others are falling asleep” Legion said simply “I must go…” he turned, and left the room.
“Great night!” Jay said to Cass, as the two walked back to their room
“Yeah…” said Cass, stopping as Jay opened the door to their quarters “But I was talking to Legion earlier and….”
She was interrupted, by Jay, grabbing her and kissing her strongly on the lips.
“What were you saying?” Jay asked as they broke off their embrace.
“....never mind…” Cass replied simply, kissing him back, and throwing the pair onto the bed where their bodies melted into each other….

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